Design Graduate Option

The ME design engineering discipline focuses on developing analytical methods and tools to design products and systems associated with complex systems such as power plants, manufacturing machines, transport vehicles, renewable energy systems, robots, space stations, recycling, military hardware, prosthetic devices, and recreational equipment. 

The fundamental challenge in design research is to develop theoretical foundations and repeatable and systematic methodologies that will help engineers:

  1. Design things better (i.e., fail less, be more reliable, perform better, look better, sell better, and be more innovative) in a world where we rely on increasingly complex products; and
  2. Design new and innovative solutions in a constantly evolving and changing world, one in which our product needs and expectations are far greater than those of earlier generations.

Design research applications in MIME happen at both the device and systems levels and include model-based system design, risk- and reliability-based design, computational design and visualization, bio-inspired design, design optimization, decision making in design, design of renewable energy systems, and design of sustainable systems.

Requirements Core coursework