Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Graduate students of Manufacturing Systems Engineering complete:

 I. All of these courses:

IE 521 Industrial Systems Optimization I (3) 
  or   IE 522 Industrial Systems Optimization II (3)

IE 563 Advanced Production Planning and Control (3) *

 II. Enough of these courses to total 6 credits:

IE 512 Information Systems Engineering (4)

IE 515 Simulation and Decision Support Systems (4)

IE 545 Human Factors Engineering (3)

IE 564 Design and Scheduling of Cellular Manufacturing Systems (3)

MFGE 536 Lean Manufacturing Systems Engineering (4)

ME 515 Risk and Reliability Based Design (3)

ME 516 Complex System Design (4)

ME 517 Optimization in Design (3)

  III. Any additional courses in the Manufacturing Systems Engineering area deemed necessary by your advisor

Please refer to the OSU CatalogMIME Course Listings, and Proposed Graduate Courses for additional courses that are offered by MIME and other relevant programs. Note that some courses are “slash” courses (e.g. ME 412/512) and are listed with their 400-level course number first. For graduate student programs of study, only courses taken at the 500-level or above may be used, and no more than 49 percent of the 500-level courses may be taken as “slash” courses.

Students who use IE 563 on their Program of Study (POS) may not also use IE 581 Operations Management on their POS.