Computer Science-Applied: Custom Focus Area

To submit a proposed plan of study, use the Applied CS Program webform.

The Applied Option allows students to develop a degree program that focuses on their area of interest. Students can shape a program that includes fields outside computer science such as music, chemistry, mathematics and medical fields, or specialize in an area of computer science such as artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, game and simulation development, human-computer interaction, and computer security. Students pick 32 credits of electives to develop a cohesive focus area and shape their degree to their particular interest or needs.

Important Notes

  • Your Custom Focus Area must have a minimum of 32 credits. *At least 20 of these need to be upper-division(300- and 400- level) Computer Science courses.

  • Your Custom Focus Area must be a coherent body of knowledge where applications of computer science can play an important role.

  • All Applied Option students must submit the Applied CS Program webform by the end of their first term as a declared ECE or CS student.

  • Any changes to the Custom Focus Area plan must be approved by the CS Curriculum Committee. To do so, please fill out the Applied CS Program webform with the new courses you hope to use in your Custom Focus Area plan.

  • PLAN AHEAD! Not all courses are offered every term and can be limited even to certain years.

For more details about completing an academic plan, make an appointment with an advisor.