Minor in Industrial Engineering: Program Information

The initials IE and the words Industrial Engineering.

To be eligible to earn a minor in Industrial Engineering students must have previously taken at least one course in each of the following preparatory areas: linear algebra, caluculus-based statistics, engineering economy and computer programming.  Courses for the minor in may be taken on 100 percent on campus or a combination of on campus and online.

Minor in Industrial Engineering Requirements and Milestones

The milestones in completing an minor in industrial engineering at Oregon State University’s School of MIME are charted in the following table.

Milestone Deadline Reference links
on these pages:
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Meet with the MIME graduate advisor MIME Head Advisor for Graduate Programs, Lynn Paul, is a the gatekeeper for a monir in IE. She will certify that sudents are sufficiently qualified to pursue  a minor in industrial engineering. 

On campus:

Lynn Paul profile

Schedule an appointment with Lynn Paul

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Minor professor selection Must be chosen prior to program meeting. Minor professor must approve your IE minor coursework. List of School of MIME research faculty
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Coursework and credit requirements Must be completed prior to final oral examination.

Transferring credits
MIME Proposed Graduate Level Courses [Excel]