Human Systems Engineering Coursework

Graduate students of Human Systems Engineering complete:

I. One of these courses:

IE 545 Human Factors Engineering (4)

IE 570 Management Systems Engineering (4)

II. One of these courses:

IE 599 Human Factors Engineering II (4)

MFGE 536 Lean Manufacturing Systems Engineering (4)

III. One of these courses:

IE 599 Design of Human Factors / Ergonomic Experiments (4)

IE 471 / 571 Engineering Project Management (3)

IV. One or more of these courses:

IE 507 Human-centered Design Seminar

H 594 Applied Ergonomics (3)

PSY 537 Motivation (3)

PSY 540 Cognition Research Methods (4)

PSY 544 Learning and Memory (3)

PSY 596 Industrial and Organizational Psychology (3)

IE 515 Simulation and Decision Support Systems (4)

SOC 518 Qualitative Research Methods (3)

ST 531 Sampling Methods (3)

ST 559 Bayesian Statistics (3)

MFGE 535 Industrial Sustainability Analysis (3)

ME 515 Risk and Reliability Analysis in Engineering Design (4)

IV. Any additional courses in the Human Systems Engineering area deemed necessary by your advisor

Please refer to the OSU Catalog, the MIME Course Listings, and the MIME Proposed Graduate Level Courses for additional courses that are offered by MIME and other relevant programs. Note that some courses are “slash” courses (e.g. ME 412/512) and are listed with their 400-level course number first. For graduate student programs of study, only courses taken at the 500-level or above may be used, and no more than 49 percent of the 500-level courses may be taken as “slash” courses.

There are many human-centered design courses taught across the university. Please follow this link to learn more.