Credit Requirements for IE Graduate Degrees

Credit requirements for each of the Industrial Engineering graduate degree programs at the School of MIME are listed below. In all cases, at least 50% of the course credits should represent stand-alone graduate courses (500 level or above). The remaining credits may include the 500 component of 400/500-level courses. IE 503 and IE 506 are considered stand-alone graduate courses for purposes of these credit calculations.

All Industrial Engineering graduate students must complete the following six core courses:

IE 512: Information Systems Engineering (4 credits)
IE 521: Industrial Optimization I (3 credits) or IE 522: Industrial Optimization II (3 credits)
IE 545: Human Factors Engineering (4 credits)
IE 570: Management Systems Engineering (4 credits) or IE 571: Project Management in Engineering (3 credits) or IE 575: Systems Thinking Theory and Practice (4 credits)
IE 552: Design of Industrial Experiments (3 credits)
IE 563: Advanced Production Planning and Control (3 credits)

Credit requirements and coursework for the completely online IE Master of Engineering, Engineering Management can be reviewed here.