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The O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory (HWRL) is one of the largest and most sophisticated laboratories for education, research, and testing in coastal, ocean and related areas. The HWRL has outstanding capabilities including the following examples:

Nearshore Hydrodynamics

  • Wave transformation
  • Wave breaking and surf zone turbulence
  • Swash dynamics
  • Longshore currents and undertow

Tsunami Research

  • Tsunami runup and overland flow
  • Tsunami-structure interaction
  • Landslide generated tsunami

Coastal Structures

  • Stability
  • Design optimization
  • Overtopping
  • Transmission and reflection

Sediment Suspension and Transport

  • Cross-shore and longshore sediment transport
  • Longshore sediment transport
  • Scour around piles and seawalls
  • Initiation of sediment suspension

Environmental Fluid Mechanics

  • Transport and mixing in the nearshore
  • Bottom boundary layer dynamics
  • Outfalls in waves and currents

Floating Structures

  • Wave energy devices
  • Loading platforms
  • Ship maneuverability
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This facility is supported by the National Science Foundation (Award 2037914) and the Pacific Marine Energy Center.