Scholarship Information

In addition to resources provided by Oregon State University Financial Aid, the College of Engineering is pleased to have the ability to award scholarships to students pursuing a degree within the College of Engineering. All scholarships are held within Oregon State's scholarship application system, ScholarDollars. Therefore, in order to learn more and apply to scholarship opportunities that are available to you, you must visit ScholarDollars.

Annual Scholarship Timeline

Step 1



The FAFSA/ORSAA will be available starting in December.


Step 2



The COE scholarship application will be available in ScholarDollars between November 1st – February 15th (11:59pm).

Step 3

Feb., March, April

Submitted scholarship applications are evaluated by COE faculty and staff reviewers between February – April.

Step 4

April, May, June

Scholarships are awarded for the upcoming academic year between April – June.


Applications Outside of Annual Timeline

Scholarship Timeline
Ecampus/COE Scholarship Application Scholarships for Summer 2024: April 15th - May 10th
Scholarships for Fall 2024: July 15th - Aug 9th
Scholarships for Winter 2025: Oct 7th - Nov 1st
Scholarships for Spring 2025: Jan 20th - Feb 14th
COE Degree Completion Scholarship Application Open All Year; Applications reviewed on an ongoing basis
COE Emergency Funding Application Open all year as funding allows; reviewed on an ongoing basis

Types of Scholarship Opportunities

COE’s yearly scholarships are awarded for one academic year at a time. Students are encouraged to apply each year via the COE Scholarship Application that follows our annual timeline.

There is 300+ yearly scholarships available to all COE students.

Yearly scholarship recipients are selected from the annual scholarship application process, with assessment based on four primary evaluation criteria:

  • Financial Need
  • Career Readiness
  • Academic and/or Other Challenges and Barriers
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Contributions

These categories consist of short essay-style questions included in the scholarship application.

  • Amount: Yearly scholarships typically range from $1,000 - $2,000
  • Who qualifies to apply?
    • Any College of Engineering student

The College of Engineering Dean’s Scholarship is a selective and competitive merit-based $2,000/academic year scholarship offered to both in state and out of state students.

COE’s Student Success Initiative’s (SSI) Scholarship is a competitive renewable scholarship at $2,000/academic year that is both merit and need-based. 

Unveiled in 2020, as a result of the visionary collaboration between the College of Engineering and key partners, the Catalyst Scholar Program exemplifies a profound commitment to student success. The Catalyst Scholar Program is a cohort-style program that provides coordinated academic and social support complemented by invaluable financial assistance.

The CIE Scholarship Program was launched in 2022 by the School of Civil and Construction Engineering (CCE) and esteemed industry leaders and corporate partners. This student success effort is intended to aid students by coupling financial support with peer-to-peer guidance through the college experience.

COE’s completion scholarships are available to students within three terms of degree completion. These awards are highly competitive and funding is limited.

  • Amount: Completion Scholarships are typically $500 - $1,000
  • Who qualifies to apply?
    • Students must be pursuing a degree in the College of Engineering
    • Students must be in good academic standing
    • Students must be within 3 terms from completing their degree, yet at risk of not completing their degree for financial reasons

COE’s Ecampus undergraduate students can be considered for scholarships each term. All Ecampus undergraduate students are encouraged to apply via ScholarDollars.

  • Amount:
    • Ecampus/COE Scholarships are typically $500 - $1,000
  • Who qualifies to apply?
    • Students must be pursuing a degree in the College of Engineering
    • Students must be an Ecampus student
    • Students must be in good academic standing

The College of Engineering offers limited financial assistance to our undergraduate students in emergency situations. The college’s available emergency funding is intended to help students during times of crisis where a clear need and/or hardship is impacting their life or academic trajectory. We will not be able to fund all requests, due to limited funding and the number of students requesting emergency financial assistance.

  • Amount:
    • COE Emergency Funds are typically $200 - $1,000
    • Awards are contingent on available funding
  • Who qualifies to apply?
    • Students must be pursuing a degree in the College of Engineering
    • Students must be in good academic standing
  • Additional Information:
    • Emergency needs/costs (may include but is not limited to): 
      • Loss of essential items due to an unexpected event (ex: fire, flood, robbery, etc.)
      • Short term food or transportation related needs caused by unexpected circumstance (ex: loss of job or unexpected car issues)
      • Non-fixed utilities in danger of being disconnected that would affect safety (ex: electricity or water is going to be shut off)
      • Short term expenses related to unexpected life change (ex: job loss or major illness)
      • Emergency childcare for dependents (ex: job loss affects ability to pay for childcare)
      • Other emergency resource-based needs (not tuition) that threaten a student’s ability to complete their degree 
    • Expenses not covered (may include but is not limited to):
      • Tuition, books, or any academic fees or costs
      • Non-essential or regular bills (utilities, phone, etc)
      • Routine medical or transportation costs not following a major unexpected event
      • Legal fees
      • Parking tickets or fines

Additional Resources

OSU ScholarDollars includes an integrated, vetted search engine for over 10,000 scholarships that are sponsored and managed by individuals and organizations that are not affiliated with Oregon State University.

In OSU ScholarDollars, each student in the College of Engineering will see a personalized list of external scholarships for which they appear to meet the basic eligibility criteria, as well as links to websites where they can learn more about each opportunity.

Students are responsible for verifying the validity and accuracy of all information provided before deciding whether to apply for any of the listed scholarship opportunities.


All COE Scholarship Applications are held in the ScholarDollars system.
Navigate to the ScholarDollars login page, log in using your ONID user name & password, and click on the “Application” icon on the left side of the page. When you reach the applications page, you will see a list of applications that you are eligible to fill out.

Your College of Engineering (COE) Scholarship Application will undergo a thorough review by dedicated faculty and staff members within your school. These COE reviewers bring a wealth of expertise and experience to this process, ensuring that each application is thoughtfully and comprehensively assessed.

If you are not going to meet the requirements of your scholarship, you can use the COE Scholarship Appeal Form. Once you fill out the form, the COE Scholarship Appeal Review Committee will consider your circumstances and, in some cases, make an exception. Please note that not all appeals will be granted an exception.

Appeal Form

If you will be participating in MECOP or CECOP, the COE Scholarships Office can help provide some options for adjusting your scholarship while you are on internship. You can use the COE Scholarship Appeal Form for this purpose.

Appeal Form