Create a Better Future

The College of Engineering’s 2015–2020 Strategic Plan set the framework for our success to date. To ensure continued progress, the college undertook a strategic plan refresh in September 2018 and launched the 2020–2025 Strategic Plan on May 31, 2019. Championed by the college’s leadership team, the process was designed to be transparent, interactive, collaborative, data-driven, and well-communicated. The main objective was to gauge the progress toward the four goals and to refine the goals to allow continued competitive differentiation. The vision, mission, and core values continue to serve the college well and remain unchanged.

The plan is framed around four revised strategic goals:

  • Lead research and innovation to drive breakthroughs that change the world
  • Provide a transformational education that produces graduates who drive change throughout their lives
  • Cultivate a community that embodies collaborative and inclusive excellence
  • Establish the college as a partner of choice

Cover of 2020-2025 strategic plan document