Joshua Gess

Portrait of Josh Gess
Joshua Gess
Associate Professor
Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering

214 Rogers Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States

PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Auburn University, 2015
MS, Mechanical Engineering, Auburn University, 2012

Joshua Gess's research interests lie in the advancement of thermal management solutions for near and far-term high performance microelectronic equipment. To accomplish this, we must look at new ways to model and experimentally capture the characteristics of single and two-phase heat transfer occurring on the macro-scale with passive and active liquid immersion techniques as well as on the micro and nano scale for more complex embedded thermal management solutions. Using fundamental knowledge of heat transfer along with novel experimental methods such as two-phase PIV and high-speed image capture, predictive methods can be used to ensure that reliable and energy efficient thermal management solutions are applied to tomorrow’s demanding electronics systems.

At Oregon State since 2015.