Graham Tewksbury

Profile of Graham Tewksbury.

Graham Tewksbury

Associate Professor-Senior Researcher
Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering

Corvallis, OR
United States

Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Oregon Graduate Institute, 2002
B.A., Chemistry, Lawrence University, 1996
  • Research Associate Professor, Oregon State University, 2021 – Present
  • Senior Research Associate, Portland State University, 2016 – 2021 
  • Engineer (various roles), Heraeus TMD, 2006 – 2015

Dr. Graham Tewksbury is an associate research professor at Oregon State University. His work in industry was focused on the development and production of a range of cast and powder alloys. Dr. Tewksbury’s technical specialties include metal additive manufacturing, structure/property/processing relationships of Ni-based super-alloys, steels, nonferrous alloys, tribology, precious metal alloys, casting, powder metallurgy, metallurgical characterization and failure analysis.

Dr. Tewksbury’s research interests are metal additive manufacturing, physical simulation of metals, and microstructural characterization of nonferrous alloys.