Frances Alston

Portrait of Frances Alston

Frances Alston

Instructor, Engineering Management
Civil and Construction Engineering

Corvallis, OR
United States

Ph.D., Industrial and System Engineering, University of Alabama, 2007
MSE, System Engineering/ Engineering Management, University of Alabama, 2003
MS, Hazardous and Waste Materials Management, Southern Methodist University, 1996
BS, Industrial Hygiene & Safety, Saint Augustine’s College, 1980

Dr. Alston’s teaching interests include courses related to engineering management such as ethics for engineers, engineering management concepts, lean manufacturing engineering, project management and systems engineering. Her interests also include developing and teaching soft skill courses for engineers and technical professionals.

Research Interests
Dr. Alston’s research interest is in diagnosing, developing, and maintaining work cultures that facilitate trust, productivity, and worker safety in technology-based organizations. She has developed and implemented safety culture sustainability plans and metrics that have been effective in building strong work cultures and provided a mechanism to evaluate performance.