Bram Lewis

Portrait of Bram Lewis

Bram Lewis

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

1148 Kelley Engineering Center
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States


Bram has been teaching vocational education courses since 2000 and it has taken him from achieving into teaching Adobe, CompTIA, ISC2, and Microsoft certification curriculums (Adobe Certified Instructor, A+, Network+, CISSP, MOUS Master, MCDST, MCSE, and MCT). Bram also continued academically through a variety of programs in Computer Science / Information Technology (ASCS, MIT) and Education (BSVE, MSEd) and is currently working on a Ph.D. in Engineering Education at Virginia Tech. The premise of Engineering Education is on how to teach engineering to the masses and the many intersections of the engineering classroom. This is brought together with a passion for Computer Science with a focus which allows exploration of more than just the theories of computers but also the methods to help students connect with theories.

Outside of teaching, the bulk of Bram's career has been focused in computer security where he explores such things as desktop and network auditing, threat modeling, secure coding, and penetration testing.

For Bram, life is not just about academics. He encourages everyone to find their passions in life and explore them. He also enjoys scuba diving, martial arts, and photography.