Webinar Thursday - CASS hosts Microsoft's Rikki Gibson - A day in the life of an open source language developer

Rikki Gibson
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Rikki Gibson
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Webinar Wednesday
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Rikki is an amazing person with remarkable insight. You won’t want to miss this incredible and real-world look into a day-in-the-life of industry. Bring your questions to this ask-industry-anything session hosted by students from the OSU Center for Applied Systems and Software (CASS) and be prepared to learn about exciting developments happening in open source with this OSU alum working as a developer of the C# language at Microsoft. To be part of the broadcast - tune in to the Live Zoom Wednesday @ 12 pm PST.

Webinar Wednesdays (which happen on other days of the week) are a series of talks to help students jump-start their careers in high tech. Everyone is welcome. While technical failures happen, we try to record the webinars. If you are concerned about appearing on screen - consider waiting for the recording to post at: http://bit.ly/EECSWebWed.