Highlighting a Bioengineering Career Journey: From MS degree at OSU to Venture Capital

Portrait of Charla Triplett.
Event Speaker
Charla Triplett
Founder and President Catalyze
Event Type
CBEE Seminar
May 26, 1 to 1:50 p.m.
Event Location
Kelley 1001 and Zoom
Event Description

A career path is often a series of steps to find a great fit for both passion and skill set. Engineers can use their problem solving skills in many areas outside of traditional engineering roles. Careers in business, marketing, strategy and innovation are all great places for engineering graduates to thrive. This seminar will explore a career journey from graduating with an MS degree in Bioengineering from OSU to a role as a Managing Director in a Venture Firm, and all the twists and turns in between.

Speaker Biography

Charla Triplett is Founder and President of Catalyze, a Consulting Collective, bringing together expertise in Research, Design and Strategy with a focus on Medical Device and Digital Health. For over 20 years, Charla has worked with entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, marketing and business teams, inside companies (large and small), nonprofits, and universities. In addition to recent Business Development and Product Development roles, Charla spent over 15 years of her career focused on connecting industry and academia in the area of Biomedical Engineering, including founding and running a non-profit with this mission and working with over 60 Universities nationwide. She holds an M.S. in Bioengineering (Bioresource) from Oregon State University, a B.S. in Microbiology from Washington State University and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Arizona State University.