Faculty Lecture Series

faculty lecture series

The 2023 College of Engineering Faculty Lecture Series features lectures by faculty members who are leading groundbreaking research in areas such as clean energy, autonomous robots, tsunami resilience, and more.

Each lecture is virtual and takes place from noon to 1 p.m. PT. Lectures are free and open to all.

A captioned recording of the lecture, and a link for obtaining professional development hour documentation, will be provided to all registrants.

Lecture recordings are available on the College of Engineering Events Archive.

For questions or assistance, please contact engineering.events@oregonstate.edu.

Upcoming Lectures

Decision Making for Marine Robotics

Geoff Hollinger

Underwater gliders, propeller-driven submersibles, and other marine robots are increasingly being tasked with gathering information (e.g., in environmental monitoring, offshore inspection, and coastal surveillance scenarios). However, in most existing scenarios, human operators must carefully plan the mission to ensure completion of the task. Strict human oversight not only makes such deployments expensive and time consuming but also makes some tasks impossible due to the requirement for heavy cognitive loads or reliable communication between the operator and the vehicle. We can mitigate these limitations by making the underwater robotic systems semi-autonomous, where the human provides high-level input to the system and the robot fills in the details on how to execute the plan.

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What it Takes to Take Down a Dam

Desiree Tullos

Dam removal is now a common strategy for managing our nation’s aging infrastructure and correcting the environmental impacts of deadbeat dams. However, managers must make decisions regarding if and how to remove dams, and how to address stakeholder concerns about potential negative effects, regardless of whether these concerns are warranted at a particular site. This lecture will present an overview of how dams are removed, the cost drivers of dam removal, and the common concerns managers and engineers face when undertaking a dam removal. It will conclude with an update on the world’s largest dam removal, set to begin in 2023 on the Klamath River.

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Cory Simon

Bryony DuPont

Tala Navab-Daneshmand

Dan Cox