AI Seminar: Enhancing healthcare with AI-in-the-loop

Sriraam Natarajan
Event Speaker
Sriraam Natarajan
Event Speaker Description
Professor and the Director for Center for ML
Department of Computer Science
University of Texas Dallas
Event Type
Artificial Intelligence
Event Location
KEC 1001
Event Description

Historically, Artificial Intelligence has taken a symbolic route for representing and reasoning about objects at a higher-level or a statistical route for learning complex models from large data. To achieve true AI in complex domains such as healthcare, it is necessary to make these different paths meet and enable seamless human interaction. First, I will introduce learning from rich, structured, complex and noisy data. One of the key attractive properties of the learned models is that they use a rich representation for modeling the domain that potentially allows for seam-less human interaction. I will present the recent progress that allows for more reasonable human interaction where the human input is taken as “advice” and the learning algorithm combines this advice with data. I will present these algorithms in the context of several healthcare problems -- learning from electronic health records, clinical studies, and surveys -- and demonstrate the value of involving experts during learning.

Speaker Biography

Sriraam Natarajan is a Professor and the Director for Center for ML at the Department of Computer Science at University of Texas Dallas, a hessian.AI fellow at TU Darmstadt and a RBDSCAII Distinguished Faculty Fellow at IIT Madras. His research interests lie in the field of Artificial Intelligence, with emphasis on Machine Learning, Statistical Relational Learning and AI, Reinforcement Learning, Graphical Models and Biomedical Applications. He is a AAAI senior member and has received the Young Investigator award from US Army Research Office, Amazon Faculty Research Award, Intel Faculty Award, XEROX Faculty Award, Verisk Faculty Award, ECSS Graduate teaching award from UTD and the IU trustees Teaching Award from Indiana University. He is the program chair of AAAI 2024, the general chair of CoDS-COMAD 2024, AI and society track chair of AAAI 2023 and 2022, senior member track chair of AAAI 2023, demo chair of IJCAI 2022, program co-chair of SDM 2020 and ACM CoDS-COMAD 2020 conferences. He was the specialty chief editor of Frontiers in ML and AI journal, and is an associate editor of JAIR, DAMI and Big Data journals.