AI Seminar: AI-related Research in Education and Counseling

Cass Dykeman
Event Speaker
Cass Dykeman
Event Speaker Description
Professor of Counseling
College of Education
Oregon State University
Event Type
Artificial Intelligence
Event Location
KEC 1001 and Zoom
Event Description

In various professions, Artificial Intelligence has significantly influenced both research methodologies and subjects. The fields of Education and Counseling are no exceptions. This presentation will delve into how researchers at OSU’s College of Education utilize constituent elements of AI, including the analysis of: (a) collocations, (b) n-grams/skip-grams, (c) authorial stance, (d) keyness, (e) sentiment, and (f) topic models. Furthermore, I will highlight AI research tools beneficial for graduate students and faculty, such as,,, and Orange Data Mining. We will also address the ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI tools in crafting IMRaD manuscripts intended for submission to peer-reviewed journals.

Speaker Biography

Cass Dykeman is a professor of counseling in OSU’s College of Education who received his Ph.D. in counselor education from the University of Virginia and a master's in educational psychology from the University of Washington. Prior to working in higher education, Dykeman served as an elementary school counselor in Seattle. At OSU since 1998, he holds the record for the number of dissertations completed (60), having passed James D. White of Chemistry in 2022. The last 25 of these dissertations have employed AI-related research methods. A former Army officer, Dykeman’s own research focuses on AI-augmented counterintelligence.