The OSU Materials Science Program has entered into a unique agreement with Saarlandes University (Saarbrucken, Germany) to offer a unique double bachelors degree program focused on creating a new kind of engineer with a global perspective that will enable them to operate in the complex multinational workplace of the future.

The unique format of the program allows for U.S. students to spend just over one year in Germany, studying at Saarlandes. European students will also travel to the U.S. to complete their Senior year at Oregon State. Students who complete the program will receive two bachelors degrees, a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from OSU and a B.S. in Materials Science from Saarlandes University.

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Atlantis Study for OSU Participants


As an Oregon State Mechanical Engineering student, you will begin the Atlantis program with three years of study at OSU. This time will give you a chance to complete your pre-professional coursework and your first year of professional school, and to brush up on your language skills before departing for Europe.

The following year will be spent at Saarland University in Germany. During your study abroad experience, you will complete the coursework necessary for your Materials Science degree.

For the final year of the dual degree program, you will return to Oregon State to complete your degree requirements in Mechanical Engineering (along with any German students also participating in the program).

A typical program of study for an OSU student traveling to Saarland can be downloaded: 2017.08_osu_to_uds_pos.pdf (49.44 KB)

Abroad Portion

During the portion of the Program spent abroad, OSU students will study at the University of Saarlandes in western Germany. This institution is slightly smaller than Oregon State, playing home to roughly 15,000 students.

Saarland University (Saarbrücken, Germany) features a strong technical program in conjunction with coursework in the liberal arts and sciences. Saarland is well known for promoting innovation and entrepeneurship among its students, and is home to a successful startup center for spin-off companies

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Atlantis: Program Overview

Enrolled students will begin the Atlantis program with three years of study at their home institution. This time offers students a chance to complete their pre-professional and early professional coursework and brush up on their language skills before their departure for the third year of study.

The fourth year of study is spent at Saarland University in Germany. The year's studies are centered on the coursework necessary for your Materials Science degree, but will also present an introduction to the Mechanical Engineering portion of the curriculum.

For the fifth and final year of the double degree program, students will study at Oregon State to complete the requirements for a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

1st, 2nd,3rd Years
(Home Institution)
4th Year
5th Year
  • Fundamental Math & Science
  • Core Engineering
  • Core Materials Science
  • Language Skills
  • Laboratory Skills
  • Advanced Materials Science
  • Engineering Fundamentals
  • Laboratory Skills
  • Language Training
  • Baccalaureate Core Courses
  • Advanced Mechanical Engineering
  • Final Design Bachelor Project

ATLANTIS Bachelor's Program

Atlantis is a transatlantic five year Bachelor’s degree double major in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering.

The increased demand of the global market for better materials with superior properties requires engineers — especially those involved in mechanical design — to develop greater expertise, skills, and knowledge in materials science. Students involved in the ATLANTIS Program will develop their knowledge and skills while:

  • Getting a truly international education
  • Studying in the US and Germany (minimum of 1 year abroad)
  • Practicing their language skills in an immersive setting
  • Participating in a well-integrated language training and cultural exchange program
  • Enhancing their future educational and employment opportunities

For detailed information regarding application procedures and programs of study please visit the ATLANTIS site for the institution you will be applying from:

For inquiries regarding applying to the ATLANTIS Program please contact the program director at

OSU Atlantis: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You must be in the Mechanical Engineering professional school.
  2. A minimum level of German language competency is required. This competency is assessed and evaluated by German language faculty at OSU.
  3. You must achieve at least a 'B' in MATS 321 and MATS 322 at OSU.
  4. MATS 321 and MATS 322 should be completed prior to the Spring term of your Junior year.
  5. Your cumulative GPA should be 3.2 or higher.
  6. You must submit three letters of reference.

No. Other than the more German language classes you take, the better prepared you will be for your time abroad.

The German coursework is taught in German.

  1. Students pay normal OSU Engineering tuition while studying overseas.
  2. The differential cost of studying in Germany compared to the same amount of time spent in Corvallis includes typical travel costs, passport and visa fees, required insurances, books, room, and board, as well as a German language immersion program prior to the start of the academic year in Germany.

It varies. Typically 3-7 OSU students travel abroad with the Atlantis Program each year. The program is limited by the University agreement to no more than 10 students per year.

  1. OSU will automatically enroll you in a minimal study abroad travel insurance program charged to your student account.
  2. The European Universities require a full European student health insurance coverage during your time abroad. This is typically purchased by the student upon arrival at the universities.
  3. The costs for all of these insurances are included in the participation costs described above.

Contact the program director, Dr. Brady Gibbons at

More Information:

Dr. Brady J. Gibbons
204 Rogers Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331

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