Yunteng Huang: Academy of Distinguished Engineers – 2019

Award Year
Graduation Year
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, 1997 CEO and Co-founder Aeonsemi, Inc. Palo Alto, California Yunteng Huang credits his father for giving him an early love of electronics and building things from scratch. His father was a middle school physics teacher in rural China and owned a small electronics repair shop business on the side. At a very early age Huang was winding coils and making things. In elementary school, he and his brothers built radios and walkie-talkies. And his father built the family’s first television set. “We were the only family in our town that had a TV,” Huang said. Huang earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and then came to Oregon State for graduate school in 1993. Before finishing his Ph.D., he was already working for NewPort Communications. “I consider myself very lucky,” he said. “I was one of NewPort’s first employees, developing high-speed network communication chips. Then, when Broadcom Corp. acquired it for $1.2 billion a few years later, it was a clear statement that this type of technology is valuable.” Huang then moved on to Silicon Labs. During his tenure, he helped the company start two businesses to build — almost from scratch — a line of products worth hundreds of millions of dollars. “To me, that’s quite exciting,” he said. “Not many people get the opportunity to go from zero to something very successful and see the entire process along the way.” In 2006, he left Silicon Labs to start his own business in China. He and a partner designed a smart chip capable of remotely reading utility meters. Two years later, Silicon Labs acquired the company and hired him back to lead a team of engineers to integrate and expand the technology. Now, Huang is assembling a new team to build a company, Aeonsemi, Inc., to advance technology in the high-end chip sector. He offers this advice for new graduates: “Go with your passion. If you like what you do, in the end the money part will always work out.”