Parth Nilesh Khimsaria : Council of Outstanding Early Career Engineers - 2022

Portrait of Parth Nilesh Khimsaria
Parth Nilesh
Award Year
Graduation Year
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Nominating Department
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
B.S., Manufacturing Engineering, 2016
B.S., Industrial Engineering, 2016
Supply Chain Business Manager
Lam Research

Parth Nilesh Khimsaria was born and raised in Vadodara, India. He came to the U.S. for his undergraduate education at Oregon State. While there, Khimsaria felt a strong sense of community and dedication to student success. He built lifelong friendships with people from all over the world and gained invaluable knowledge, skills, and experiences that continue to be the cornerstones for success in both his personal and professional life.

Khimsaria was honored to represent India as an international cultural ambassador through a scholarship program offered by International Programs at Oregon State. As part of this program, he had the opportunity to work with amazing leaders and establish a peer mentoring program for international students. Another wonderful experience was being a supplemental instruction leader with the Academic Success Center, where he helped other undergraduate students in math and physics, by way of leading study tables. These opportunities helped him develop his interpersonal skills, while giving back to the student communities

Khimsaria feels privileged to be part of the wonderful MECOP program, where he secured an internship at Blount Manufacturing and Lam Research, where he led study tables for undergrads in math and physics. The internship at Lam led to his first full-time job offer after graduation. Khimsaria has now been with Lam Research for seven years. He feels fortunate to have worked in various roles and projects in manufacturing and supply chain operations, which have helped him become a better problem-solver.

Khimsaria is currently a supply chain business manager for Lam. He is responsible for the management of a cable supplier in Mexico, and ensuring on-time delivery of parts to the company’s international factories in the U.S., Austria, Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

To further his professional development and career, Khimsaria earned a master of science degree in industrial engineering from Oregon State in fall 2022.

“I uphold the Oregon State value of driving and delivering excellence in my work as an industrial engineer and supply chain business manager in the semiconductor industry. I would like to think that I am helping the industry, especially my company, become more efficient and agile, one problem at a time.”