Douglas Engelbart : Engineering Hall of Fame - 1998

Award Year
Graduation Year
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
BSEE 1948 - EECSDouglas Engelbart, a 1948 OSU graduate in Electrical Engineering, has had a profound influence in the way that we use computers and their influence in our everyday lives. As early as 1962, he was involved in formulating a strategic framework by which computer systems could be integrated with one another and with millions of future users. The results of these strategies are employed today by all major computer manufacturers. Included in the results of this creativity are: the invention of the computer "mouse"; the development of the concept of "windows"; structure document files; hypermedia; integrated electronic mail. He is an OSU honorary Dr. of Engineering and a recipient of the American Ingenuity Award. He currently leads the Bootstrap Institute in Palo Alto, California.