Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Strategic Plan Cover Page

Create a Better Future

The College of Engineering’s Strategic Plan sets the framework for our success. The latest version, the 2020–2025 Strategic Plan, launched on May 31, 2019. Championed by the college’s leadership team, the process was designed to be transparent, interactive, collaborative, data-driven, and well-communicated. The main objective was to gauge the progress toward the four goals and to refine the goals to allow continued competitive differentiation. The vision, mission, and core values continue to serve the college well and remain unchanged.

The plan is framed around four revised strategic goals:
  • Lead research and innovation to drive breakthroughs that change the world
  • Provide a transformational education that produces graduates who drive change throughout their lives
  • Cultivate a community that embodies collaborative and inclusive excellence
  • Establish the college as a partner of choice

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Implementation and tracking

The college has developed a five-year implementation framework to deliver the strategic plan's outcomes guided by "performance goals" and a dashboard. The dashboard represents a set of high-level metrics that correspond to each performance goal to track, measure, and report progress. Through "adaptive implementation," we will evaluate our progress annually and revise our goals or timelines as situations change.



Become a recognized model as an inclusive and collaborative community

  • A well-disseminated model of success that is sought out by others.
  • A community of faculty, students, and staff that is increasingly more inclusive, collaborative, diverse, and centered on student success.
  • Fully operational and integrated infrastructure, training, education, and communication systems that support our model throughout the college.

Provide a transformational educational experience that produces graduates who drive change throughout their lives.

  • Increased student access and student success such that any engineering student achieving proficiency in pre-core courses may enroll in the professional engineering major of their choice.
  • Curricula that are recognized as innovative and progressive by a broad spectrum of stakeholders.
  • Highly sought after engineering graduates who continue to broadly demonstrate high levels of professional and technical abilities.

Lead research and innovation to drive breakthroughs that change the world.

  • National recognition as a leader in at least two of our signature research areas, resulting from two externally funded research centers.
  • Increased impact through a broad and deep research program supported by growth in faculty proposal submissions, research grants, citations, and conferred graduate degrees.

Establish the college of engineering as the partner of choice for industry, government, and academia.

  • Strategic partnerships with industry, government agencies, and Oregon State entities that provide mutual benefit to all parties involved. Our strategic partners will be champions on our behalf due to their positive partnership experiences with the College of Engineering.
  • Demonstrated growth in philanthropic, industry, state, and federal funding through strategic partnerships.