Getting Settled

If you have not already done so, please complete all necessary new hire forms with Kathy Westberg in Kearney 101.

Check out the OSU guide to “Getting off to a Great Start.”

Additional Human Resource Information

ONID Accounts

ONID is your OSU Network ID. Everyone is assigned an ONID account.

Use your ONID username and password to access email, online course materials, grades, and financial accounts.

ONID Support

Support documentation and several video tutorials are posted at the ONID website.

Phone and email support for ONID is provided by the OSU Computer Helpdesk, 541-737-3474. 


All OSU faculty must obtain an identification card. Corvallis campus faculty must visit the ID Center in Memorial Union, 103. Photo identification is required (state issued driver's license or ID, passport, or military ID). The OSU ID card is your official identification for using campus services, facilities (door access) and activities, and is valid as long as you work at OSU.

New Employee Orientation and Training

OSU holds orientation and training sessions throughout the school year. These sessions do not require registration and you may attend when it fits your schedule. Please review the schedule to find a date and time that will work with your schedule.

Additional Training Options

  • TRES

Building Access


Key forms may be picked up in Kearney 101. The forms must then be taken to the Key Shop where you must present your faculty ID. The Key Shop is located behind Kerr Administration Building, between McAlexander Fieldhouse and the Facilities Shops. It is open Monday through Friday, 1100 – 1500.

The security of your keys is important for everyone’s safety. It is imperative that any loss of keys be reported immediately to the Main Office. You are requested to exercise the utmost care in the use of your keys. Under no circumstances should you lend your keys to your students or visitors. 


Each faculty member is assigned a mailbox located in Kearney Hall 202. U.S. mail is delivered directly to the Printing and Mailing Center where it is sorted and distributed to the remainder of campus. Campus mail arrives once daily at approximately 0900. U.P.S., FedEx, and other freight carriers deliver directly to Kearney Hall 101 throughout the course of the day. Please check your mailbox regularly for mail, package notifications, returned homework, school circulars, and other information.

All packages are received in Kearney Hall 101. They will remain in the main office until you pick them up. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (closed from Noon-1 p.m. daily), Monday through Friday.

Be sure that all packages and correspondence are addressed properly. The correct address for all mailing or shipping to CCE is the following:

School of Civil and Construction Engineering
Kearney Hall 101
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331 


Long Distance Calls

An authorization code is required to make long distance telephone calls. The authorization code is unique and is intended for use only by the person to whom it is assigned.

Authorization codes must be kept secure and not given to other persons. Codes must not be used for personal calls or purposes other than those intended.

Fax Machine

A fax machine (541-737-3052) is available for work-related purposes. Long distance numbers require an authorization code. The fax machine is located in Kearney Hall 101. Please see the Main Office staff for assistance.

Copies/Scanning/Office Supplies

The School provides a copier and document scanner, intended for research or teaching purposes, in Kearney Hall 101 and Owen Hall 200. Anyone desiring to make personal copies will need to utilize resources available on the main floor of the Valley Library. Maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the copy room is important; please do your part.

Office supplies are located in Kearney Hall 101 and are for the use of faculty and staff members only. Please do not direct students to the office for supplies.

Computer Use

Computer labs are available in most engineering buildings. They require an engineering account to log in. These computers maintain software for word processing, spreadsheet, and Internet connectivity applications. Options are available for remotely accessing research and other database or modeling software.

Do not copy ANY software onto the school’s computer hard disks without approval from the School Head and the Network Administrator. Software licensing and disk space availability are two issues that must be considered. The installation of your own personal copies of software on the School’s machines without permission exposes the School to an unacceptable potential liability and therefore cannot be allowed. Please ask permission for the installation and use of your personal software if it is important to your research or course work. Also, please do not copy any software from the School’s computers without permission. This action, again, violates software licensing agreements.

If you have any general questions about using University computers, please contact Paul Montagne in Owen 236 (541-737-3319), or e-mail for assistance.

Computer Use Policy

All use of OSU computer systems must conform to the University’s Policy on Acceptable Use of University Computing Facilities.

OSU computer systems must not be used for any illegal activity, or for storage or distribution of copyrighted material (e.g., music, videos, e-books, etc.).


Parking Map

Except in the open or pay lots, all motor vehicles parked on campus from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, must display a valid parking permit. On-street parking is available for up to 2 hours/day in the neighborhoods surrounding the OSU campus, and metered parking is available on Monroe St. (parking in these areas is enforced by Corvallis Police). All parking rules are enforced during posted hours, and citations will be given for unauthorized parking on or around campus.

For more information contact Parking Services at 541-737-2583, or visit their website.

CCE Reserved Parking Spaces

There are three reserved day-use only spots available for School use when bringing in special guests and visitors. Contact the Office Coordinator in the main office to reserve the spots. 

Business Cards

Contact the main office staff for information on how to order business cards.

Campus Emergency Response Information

Campus Emergency: 911  OR 541-737-7000

Campus Non-Emergency: 541-737-3010

For additional information, visit Campus Safety's website