Bioengineering Research Emphases

The Bioengineering graduate program has participating faculty from across the OSU campus, enabling students to conduct advanced studies in the core areas of biomaterials, biomedical devices and instrumentation, cell and tissue engineering, human performance engineering, and systems and computational biology. Students in the joint PhD program can select faculty mentors at Oregon State University (listed under each of the core research areas below) or at the University of Oregon. At this time, MS students can only select faculty mentors from OSU.

students in the lab

Bioactive and biocompatible surface coatings, advanced surface analysis, polymers, implant biocompatibility and biomechanics, nanomaterials

Biosensors, microfluidics, biomedical device design and manufacturing, biological signal processing, medical robotics, point of care diagnostics

Rehabilitation engineering, biomechanics, ergonomics

3D cell culture systems, regenerative medicine, cryopreservation, cell mechanics, cancer

Biological systems modeling, immune system modeling, gene regulation and modeling of gene regulatory networks