Computer Science-Applied: Business

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Computer science and business are both highly desired, especially when mixed together. Many CS companies start small and these companies need employees that have the basics to help make a company grow successfully. Business is also desirable with CS because it can add management and communication skills to a technological degree. Students who choose this option will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of business and learn the language of business so they can communicate financial information, organizational behavior, marketing, and operations.

Students in this focus area can work with a business advisor to prepare for an MBA program.

*Description information sourced from the College of Business’s Minor website

Potential Job Opportunities

  • Tech sales
  • Management roles

Core Courses

  • BA 251 Managing Organizations
  • BA 260 Foundations of the Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • BA 314 Sustainable Business Operations
  • BA 315 Accounting for Decision Making
  • BA 330 Legal Environment of Business
  • BA 360 Intro to Financial Management
  • BA 390 Principles of Marketing
  • CS 440 Database Mgmt Systems OR other CS 400-level

Students in this focus area can apply to receive the business minor. They should contact the College of Business for the latest requirements. Students who do not wish to declare a business minor can attend drop-in hours for support, or fill out a COB course override request form if they need an override.

Students will work with a CS advisor to ensure they meet the CS requirements for any of the business focus areas.