Computer Science-Applied: Software Entrepreneurship

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Some of the most exciting and promising areas of computer science lie in the ability to extract insight out of extremely large sets of data and deliver those insights to businesses and consumers in real time over web and mobile applications. Software Entrepreneurship prepares students to start their own software business or join a software startup. Students learn about entrepreneurship, how businesses manage projects, and financial operations.



  • CS 466 (Web-based Start-up Project)
  • CS 492 (Mobile Software Development)
  • CS 493 (Cloud Application Development)
  • CS 478 (Network Security)
  • BA 260 (Introduction to Entrepreneurship)
  • BA 315 (Accounting for Decision Making)
  • BA 352 (Managing Individual & Team Performance) or BA 351 (Managing Organizations)
  • BA 360 (Intro. to Financial Management)