PhD in Civil Engineering: Degree Information

PhD in Civil Engineering: Degree Information

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering Program 

The major milestones in completing your Ph.D. in civil engineering at Oregon State are listed in the following table.

University-wide requirements for earning a doctoral degree at Oregon State are availalbe on the OSU Graduate School website.




Major professor selection and graduate committee formation Must be formed prior to program meeting.

CCE faculty

CCE PhD Degree

Coursework and credit requirements Core coursework must be done prior to preliminary examination.

Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer Credit Request Form

Ethical research training  Can be completed any time, but must be completed before program of study approval.
Program of study development Must be completed prior to program meeting.  Degree checklist
Program meeting Must be held prior to preliminary examination.  Degree checklist
Qualifying examination No later than one week prior to preliminary examination. Consult major professor for details.   
Preliminary examination No set deadline but prior to developing final research proposal.  OSU Grad School exam scheduling form
Dissertation completion Must be completed prior to final oral examination.  OSU Grad School Thesis GuideOSU ScholarsArchiveScholarsArchive instructionsInstructions and considerations for data sets

Final oral examination

Final exam announcement form

No more than 5 years after completing preliminary examination. Must be one full academic term after completion of preliminary examination. OSU Grad School exam scheduling form
Learning objectives/outcomes objective matrix Complete at the final oral examination.