Humanitarian Engineering

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Humanitarian engineering applies science- and engineering-based solutions to improve quality of life in local and global communities by increasing the availability of basic human needs — such as clean water and sustainable energy, economic resilience, and disaster mitigation.

The curriculum for the humanitarian engineering minor focuses on education, service learning models, academic research, and local/global research. Our faculty have provided leadership and initiative in humanitarian engineering for many years. As a reflection of that commitment, we offer expanded opportunities for students to participate in hands-on, high-impact service-learning projects that provide lasting benefits for partner communities.

Oregon State is well suited to harness education and empower students to engage in solving global development problems because of our tradition of interdisciplinary research and education, a campus ethos of engaged service, faculty dedication, and growing student interest.

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Undergraduate Information


HEST advising sheets

To enroll in the minor or request consideration for substitutions for the requirements, please contact Brett Jeter in 238B Rogers Hall, 541-737-7991 or email him via We note that MyDegrees does not do a good job of aligning coursework with the minor requirements, please contact Brett Jeter for assistance. Nordica MacCarty can also be contacted via to assist with substitutions/overrides.

If you are interested in the minor, a good place to start is to select your Bacc Core courses from the humanitarian engineering, science and technology (HEST) playlist. Courses marked by a "+" are specifically recommended because of the relevance of the material or because they are taught by a HEST-affiliated faculty member. Note that HEST310, HEST320, and HEST 412/512 are all currently approved to fill Bacc Core requirements for any student on campus.

  • Innovation for Social Impact  
  • Intro to Community Engagement and Community-Based Design  
  • Engineering for Global Health Solutions  
  • UAV Engineering  
  • Multidisciplinary Case Studies in Humanitarian Engineering, Science and Technology  

Full requirements

Knowing how to develop and implement solutions that give underserved populations the resources and services they need to improve their quality of life is increasingly vital.

As a student in Oregon State University’s online Undergraduate Certificate in Humanitarian Engineering, you will equip yourself with the knowledge to make a genuine, lasting impact on the people who need it most, both locally and globally.

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  • Engineers Without Borders - Oregon State University

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Graduate Information

While we do not offer a transcript-visible graduate program option, graduate students from disciplines across campus can participate in the humanitarian engineering program.

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