The Corvallis campus turned into a real-life winter wonderland in early December, just in time for finals week. 

Between seven and nine inches of snow blanketed campus and the surrounding areas — the most snow accumulation in a 24-hour period since 1993. There was so much snow, in fact, that many drivers were taken by surprise in the early hours of December 6, and 16 minor collisions were reported before 10:30 a.m.

The Oregon State University campus closed on Monday of finals week, bungling as many as 13,000 students’ test schedules and forcing many to change travel plans or extend their stay on campus. With many large classrooms and auditoriums out of commission from burst pipes, some students had to take tests on the basketball courts at Gill Coliseum or overlooking the football field in Reser Stadium.
Despite the campus cancellations and fumbled finals schedule, students and faculty were able to finish out the term, enjoy the snow, and return home just in time for the holidays.
--Aynsley Eggen


Published Date: 
Monday, December 9, 2013