CDI Alumni & Industry Partners

Engagement Opportunities

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion often works with companies, industry partners, and alumni to provide students with the following opportunities:

  • Info Sessions - Talk about the company's DEI efforts and initiatives, full-time jobs, internships, or co-ops available.
  • Dinner/Lunch with Students and/or Student Organizations - host an informal gathering with students, and talk about your story, your journey into engineering, the company you represent, etc.
  • Scholarship Opportunities - talk about new scholarships or grants being offered by the company
  • Conference Sponsorships - sponsor student attendance to conferences
  • Campus Events - with the assistance of COE’s corporate relations team, you can visit campus for the entire day and meet with different units/constituents that are related to your field, while also having the opportunity to meet with our students
  • Site Tours - host our students at your company for a tour, meeting, etc. 

Want to engage with us?

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is always looking for new partners! If you are interested in engaging with us, please email us at