Take advantage of multiple scholarship opportunities, both at the university level and within the College of Engineering.

As a new first-year students, you are automatically considered for all available scholarships when you complete the scholarship application included with the undergraduate admission materials. All OSU engineering programs offer scholarship support through generous donations from alumni and industry sponsors.

Undergraduate Financial Support in the College of Engineering

This page describes the College’s scholarship support options and application processes for incoming freshmen, transfer students, and current engineering students. For additional potential funding sources, please consult the OSU Financial Aid and Scholarships page.

CoE Scholarships Available to Incoming First-year Students


A merit-based, competitive Dean’s Scholarship of $1,800/academic year for Oregon residents and $3,600/academic year for out-of-state students is available to incoming first-year engineering and computer science students who (1) meet the minimum criteria noted below, and (2) complete the OSU application for Undergraduate Admission, including the OSU Scholars section, by the priority deadline of February 1.  Eligibility for the Dean's Scholarship is evaluated at the time of OSU Admission.

Dean’s Scholarship Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • First-year engineering or computer science student
  • Entering fall term
  • Admitted to OSU on or before February 1
  • Meet one of the following qualifications (requirements for new freshman entering Fall 2017):
    • Have a high school GPA of 3.90 or higher and a combined SAT math and reading score of 1400 or higher (on an SAT taken prior to March, 2016) or have a high school GPA of 3.90 or higher and a composite SAT score of 1450 or higher on SAT taken (in the new format in March, 2016 or later)  OR
    • Have a high school GPA of 3.90 or higher and a composite ACT score of 32 or higher

Dean’s Scholarships are renewable for up to three additional academic years. To be eligible for scholarship renewal for the next academic year, a current recipient’s cumulative OSU GPA at the end of spring term must be 3.750 or higher. 

  • maintain fulltime status (a minimum enrollment of 12 credit hours); and,
  • continued enrollment in the College of Engineering.

Note: The Dean’s Scholarship is not available to students transferring into OSU after their first freshman term; nor is it available to first-year students entering OSU winter, spring, or summer term.

FIRST Robotics & FIRST Tech Challenge Participants ONLY:
The College of Engineering sponsors five (5) one-time $1,500 scholarships available to incoming first-year engineering and computer science majors who participated in either FIRST Robotics or FIRST Tech Challenge in high school.  More information: http://www.usfirst.org/scholarshipsearch.aspx

Click here for Application Criteria.


CoE Scholarships Available to Incoming Transfer Students

Undergraduate students transferring into the OSU College of Engineering from another university or community college are encouraged to complete the online College of Engineering Scholarship Application, which is available annually, from November 15 until February 15, at https://oregonstate.academicworks.com/ (Note: You must be an admitted student with an ONID ID to access and complete the application.)
Your application will be reviewed by both the College and your specific program to see if you are eligible for scholarship funds within the College for the following academic year.

CoE Scholarships Available to Current Undergraduates

Current OSU engineering students are encouraged to complete the online College of Engineering Scholarship Application, which is available annually, from November 15 until 11:59pm on February 15, at https://oregonstate.academicworks.com/.  (Note: You MUST complete the application during this time frame. We do not accept applications at any other time.)
Your application will be reviewed by both the College and your specific program to see if you are eligible for scholarship funds within the College for the following academic year.

Hoffman Opportunity Scholarship

The Eric H.I and Janice Hoffman Engineering Opportunities Scholarship supports student success specifically for degree completion. Awards will be given to College of Engineering students who are in good academic standing and one to three terms away from graduation, yet are at risk of not completing their degree for financial reasons. Scholarships are awarded based on academic performance, financial need, likelihood of completing your degree as a result of the scholarship, and probable time to graduation. 

To be considered for the Hoffman Opportunity Scholarship students need to be nominated by the end of week 4 of the term. Nomination can be from faculty, staff, advisors, or through self-nominations.  Students will be reviewed by the college and award amounts may vary based on circumstances.

Click here for nomination form.  http://oregonstate.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_2smV2e4hDQnuJjD

Scholarship practices and procedures

  • The College of Engineering (COE), the OSU Office of Financial Aid and the OSU Office of Scholarships work closely to identify student needs, ascertain appropriate and effective interventions, and distribute scholarships to students who meet set eligibility criteria, in accordance with FAFSA, IRS and Title IX and VI rules and regulations.
  • Scholarships are designed and awarded to address COE and OSU’s recruiting objectives and student needs. Examples of such needs include: recognizing academic achievement; addressing unmet financial needs; and recruiting and retention of first generation, underrepresented students, or students from rural communities.
  • The three units coordinate to create lists of eligible students and to screen applicants, per each scholarship’s criteria. The units also ensure that selected students remain eligible at the time of awarding (e.g. admitted/enrolled status, GPA, major, class standing, financial needs).
  • Scholarship offers are valid for anticipated enrollment within the academic school year. In exceptional circumstances, students may defer scholarships with COE’s approval.
  • An acceptance response must be received prior to deadline or the scholarship offer will be rescinded. Where possible the funds will then be offered to the next student in line.
  • When accepting a scholarship, the students are asked to authorize the University, the COE, and the OSU Foundation to share relevant information about their academic activities and progress with donors.  Information may also be shared, as needed, with the OSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and to various OSU publications. Such disclosure is voluntary, and student records are protected under FERPA unless students volunteer to share.
  • Award offers may differ by residency status and financial need at the time of offer. Should residency or financial status change, award amounts may be revised (for renewable awards, or awards not yet paid). In-state residency for the purposes of tuition and scholarships is defined by OSU policy (http://admissions.oregonstate.edu/residency), and generally requires a student reside in Oregon for a period of 12 months or more prior to enrollment. 
  • Yearly awards will be divided into three equal installments to be credited to the student's university billing account at the start of each term, assuming they still meet eligibility requirements.  
  • The Degree Partnership Program (DPP) is a pre-approved pathway program between OSU and a network of 21 community colleges in Oregon and Hawaii. To be eligible for scholarships, Degree Partnership students must maintain OSU as their home school, register for a minimum of 6 hours at OSU each term, and meet full-time enrollment requirements in combination with the designated partner school in order to maintain award eligibility. A list of current DPP partners can be found here: http://partnerships.oregonstate.edu/dpp-students/osus-dpp-partners-and-c...
  • Depending on the nature and intent of the scholarship awarded, it may be renewable. If so, eligibility criteria will be set and explained in the initial offer letter, and no new application is necessary as long as the student meets said requirements.  Generally, scholarships will not be renewed past a fourth year of study.
  • Questions regarding recruiting and 1st year scholarships (done at time of admissions) should be directed to the Scholarship Office. All other scholarship questions should be directed to askengineering@oregonstate.edu 
  • These rules and regulations may be updated at any time to comply with changing rules and regulations or to address new needs. Updates to these policies will be posted here.
  • Where College policy conflicts University policy, University policy takes precedence.