Natasha Mallette

Portrait of Natasha Mallette.

Natasha Mallette

Director of Engineering+
College of Engineering
Nuclear Science and Engineering

202 Merryfield Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States


Dr. Natasha Mallette is a licensed professional engineer with expertise in engineering education focusing on effective curricular design, inclusive teamwork, and social justice. She has over 6 years of work experience as a design, process and research engineer in nuclear energy, renewable technologies, and various manufacturing facilities. In 2020, she received the OSU Breaking Barriers in Education Award, which recognizes high impact in teaching, mentoring, and advancing gender equity in higher education. She is fluent in the fields of energy, chemical processes, and engineering design and is currently the Director of Engineering+, the College of Engineering’s first year program. Engineering+ combines three foundational engineering courses, co-curricular opportunities, career and industry development skills to enhance the success of our first year and transfer students.