Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering

Start it up

Photos by Karl Maasdam, Lucas Radostitz, Gale Sumida.

Every engineer spends countless hours learning their field inside and out, but only a relative few ever launch a company to bring their inventions to the world. Luckily, the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator helps faculty, staff, students, and alumni take that critical step by shepherding new companies through all phases of the startup process.

Stacey Harper

Stacey Harper’s laboratory investigates the environmental health and safety impacts of nanoscale materials, including engineered nanomaterials and nanoscale plastic debris in order to support risk decisions that protect our environment and human health. Our lab group develops and applies rapid testing strategies to determine toxic potential of nanomaterials and nanoplastics and develops investigative tools to identify the specific features of nanoscale materials that result in toxicity.

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