Graduation Year: 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering ’01
Lead Structural Analyst
The Boeing Company
Everett, Washington


Nancy Adcock practiced teamwork in her role on the OSU women’s basketball team, and it has served her well in her mechanical engineering career.

During her undergraduate studies, Adcock completed two internships with The Boeing Company and Freightliner through OSU’s Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program (MECOP). “The College of Engineering prepared me for the professional world by providing challenging classes on an individual level as well as a team level,” says Adcock. “These opportunities made the transition to the workforce seamless.”

After graduating, Adcock returned to The Boeing Company as a structural analyst with the 777 jet fuselage group, and was named 2011 Engineer of the Year for her work on that project.

She earned a masters degree in mechanical engineering from University of Washington in 2009.

Adcock mentors MECOP interns and is the Boeing representative for a Boeing/ Oregon State collaborative mechanical engineering design class. “I have had the opportunity to be part of an excellent Oregon State team at Boeing,” says Adcock. “I consider this an ongoing highlight of my career.”