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October 2012

From the Dean

To our alumni and friends:

The 2012-13 academic year is well underway, and it's impossible not to be inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of our students, faculty, and staff!

We began the year by honoring a few of these amazing people at our annual awards breakfast and are proud that five of our own were recognized at University Day. We're also proud that our faculty is regularly honored at the national level for significant contributions in various engineering fields. As just one example, robotics innovator Jonathan Hurst is the most recent recipient of Popular Mechanic's Breakthrough Innovator award.

Please think about supporting the ambitious water project our industrious Engineers Without Borders students have established in Lela, Kenya. This is a perfect demonstration of experiential education in action and reflects the quality of the students we teach.

Stop by and see us anytime. I'll be at the OSU Alumni Association's Seattle Showcase on October 26, so if you're in the area, please consider attending to connect with former classmates and hear from engineering alumna Paula Hammond, the Washington Secretary of Transportation.

Thank you for your continued support of our faculty, students, and programs.

Best wishes,

Sandra L. Woods
Dean, College of Engineering
Oregon State University

changing tides

Pacific Marine Energy Center seeks to commercialize wave energy
The Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center received a grant to move forward on the nation's largest wave energy testing facility. The facility will be located in either Newport or Reedsport, Ore. See stories in Forbes, IBTimes, OPB, KPTV, EarthTechling, KVAL, and Northwest Public Radio.

inkjet solar panels

Computer memory: the next generation
Tiny, transparent, resistive random access memory — called a “memristor” — could revolutionize computer technology. Oregon State scientists recently found a cost effective, sustainable material for building memristors. More…

inkjet solar panels

Jurassic-age phytoplankton: fuel for tomorrow's biorefineries?
Multi-tasking diatoms could be a key to affordable biofuel from algae, say College of Engineering scientists. These ubiquitous, ancient life forms might one day be used to simultaneously create biofuels, semiconductors, and health foods. See stories in KVAL and Sustainable Business Oregon.


Hurst claims Breakthrough Innovator award
Popular Mechanics honored Jonathan Hurst and his colleague, Jessy Grizzle (University of Michigan), with one of its 2012 Breakthrough Innovator awards for their groundbreaking work on the bipedal robots MABEL and ATRIAS. See stories in Popular Mechanics, NSF, and KVAL

Ashford earns endowed professorship
Scott A. Ashford ('83 Civil Engineering) was awarded the Kearney Endowed Professorship for the College of Engineering. Created through a gift from Lee and Connie Kearney ('63 Civil Engineering and '65 Education, respectively), the endowment is part of the Provost Faculty Match program, designed to help Oregon State retain and recruit the best faculty researchers and teachers to the university. The university now has 109 endowed faculty positions, 62 of which have been created through The Campaign for OSU.

Olsen honored as faculty scholar
Michael Olsen was selected as the inaugural recipient of the Eric HI and Janice Hoffman Endowed Faculty Scholar award. Created by Janice and Eric Hoffman, '79, the award offers financial support to faculty members in Civil and Construction Engineering. The Hoffmans' gift is part of Oregon State's Provost Faculty Match program.

Faculty, staff recognized at University Day
Five individuals in the College of Engineering received awards during the 2012 University Day celebration. Ferne Simendinger received the Karel J. H. Murphy Professional Faculty Leadership and Service Award, Brian Paul received the OSU Industry Partnering Award, Richard Peterson (posthumously) received the OSU Faculty Innovator Award, Goran Jovanovic received the OSU Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award, and Mike Bailey received the Beaver Champion Award. More…

Faculty, staff honored at Fall Awards Breakfast
Seven outstanding faculty and staff at the College of Engineering were celebrated at the annual awards breakfast held Sept. 17, 2012, at Reser Stadium. They are David Cann, Milo Koretsky, Keith Levien, Brett McFarlane, Joseph McGuire, Cindy Olson, and Irem Tumer. More…


Engineering students receive honors
The outstanding accomplishments of Andrew Bluett, Therese Pflaum, Amr Elshazly, and Eric Patterson were recognized at the annual awards breakfast held Sept. 17, 2012, at Reser Stadium. More…

Chemical engineering student receives scholarship
Brynn Livesay earned one of the 2012-13 Donald F. and Mildred Topp Othmer National Scholarship Awards from Oregon State's student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineering. Livesay will receive $1,000 toward her future educational expenses. She is a past participant and mentor in the Summer Experience in Science and Engineering for Youth program, a past recipient of the Intel Science Fair Scholarship, and an outstanding College of Engineering Ambassador.

Students raise money for water project in Kenya
About 85 people attended the Engineers Without Borders 5k run on Sat., Sept. 29, 2012. The event raised approximately $1,200 to support an ongoing engineering project in Lela, Kenya, that is finally bringing potable water to the community. The group has made three trips to Kenya so far and seeks funding for future projects that will provide easier access to safe water for people living in the more remote areas there. Donations are always welcome. More…

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