November 2007
OSU Researchers Assess Tsunami–Evac Building Design
The earthquake is coming, on the Cascadia subduction zone off the Pacific Northwest coast. It could be massive, and almost certainly will produce a tsunami. With buildings shattered, bridges collapsed and only minutes to spare, the only way to save lives may be the concept of “vertical evacuation” to a sturdy, earthquake- and tsunami-resistant building. At the Hinsdale Wave Research Lab, Oregon State University engineers and seismologists are testing a model of what would be the nation’s first such building, sited at Cannon Beach. More…
OSU Industrial Engineers Test Vehicle Mileage Technology for Gas Tax Alternative
In 1919, Oregon became the first state in the nation to levy a gas tax. Today, this revenue stream generates about $400 million annually for maintaining Oregon's road systems, but in the near future, with the push for energy independence and electric cars in particular, paying for pavement may become more difficult. In a pilot test organized by the Oregon Department of Transportation, MIME associate professors David Kim and David Porter showed that using a vehicle mileage fee system to replace the gas tax is technically viable. More…
EECS Student Earns Two Prestigious Scholarships
Fifth-year senior Kyle Rector, a CS-ECE double major who plans to pursue a PhD in computer science, has won a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship AND a Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship. The NSF fellowship provides a $30,000 living stipend and $10,500 toward tuition for three years. The Google scholarship comes with a $10,000 award and a seat at the annual Google Scholars' Retreat.  Rector is OSU's third Anita Borg Scholar, following in the footsteps of Sarah Cooley (2009) and Kami Vaniea (2004). More…
OSU Football Team Serves as Rover “Test Bed”
Mars rovers have to be able to handle rough terrain—and so do the prototypes competing in next month’s fourth annual University Rover Challenge at the Mars Desert Research Station in Hanksville,  Utah. To gear up for that event, the six-wheeled vehicle built by  the OSURC Rover Team successfully negotiated some very bumpy turf at  Reser Stadium, traveling “overland” for an 80+ yard touchdown.   Watch video here – and read more about the OSURC rover here.
Beaver Racing Demonstrates Power of Global Collaboration
In early May, the Global Formula Racing team from Oregon State University and Duale Hochschule Baden Wurttemberg-Ravensburg went to Michigan, the ancestral home of the automotive industry, and won the 2010 Formula SAE national championship. This international collaboration is the first of its kind in the history of collegiate car racing--and a substantial part of the team's strength. “Some people are saying this is the most innovative approach to student racing competition they’ve ever seen,” said MIME associate professor Bob Paasch, the team’s advisor. More…
OSU Expert to Serve on Radiation Standards Taskforce
The International Commission on Radiological Protection has invited NERHP acting head Kathryn Higley to participate on a committee tasked with providing guidelines on radiation protection for plants and animals. Currently, such standards exist only for humans. “The assumption in the past has been that if you protect people, you therefore protect the environment,” says Higley. “But that is not necessarily true.”
CoE Prof Testifies Before House Appropriations Subcommittee
Earlier this month, MIME associate professor Kendra Sharp testified before the U.S. House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee on behalf of an American Society of Mechanical Engineers taskforce. Dr. Sharp's testimony focused on three primary funding areas within the Department of Defense FY 2011 budget: Engineering, Science and Technology, and the University Research Initiative. Her testimony also outlined the consequences of inadequate funding for defense research. Read the transcript here…
CoE Alum Spearheads Climbing Park, Wildland Preserve in Clackamas County
After years of working to save 44 acres in Clackamas County--a site that includes a 600,000-year-old basalt rock wall--from logging and quarrying, CoE alumnus Keith Daellenbach's (BSME 1990) vision of a publicly owned preserve is finally coming to fruition with the establishment of Madrone Wall Park. And his efforts won't be stopping there: Daellenbach and others are already envisioning the park as a toehold for what, in decades to come, could be the largest set-aside of publicly held wildlands on the Portland-area's east side. More…
Engineering Dominates College Majors Leading to Top Salaries
Payscale, a self-described “market leader in global online compensation data,” reports that ten of the fifteen bachelor’s degrees associated with the highest starting and mid-career salaries are in engineering and computer science. Nine of those are degrees you can earn at Oregon State (and as for the tenth, many aerospace engineers have a bachelor's in ME).  More…
Making a Difference
Student-built Vehicles Take Center Stage at Foundation Event
Friends of OSU Engineering were invited to see a trio of fascinating and acclaimed vehicles, and to meet the students who built them, at an April 27 OSU Foundation event at the downtown OSU Portland Center. See the students and vehicles Live @ 7…
COSEY Camp Spreads Word on Sustainable Engineering
Hundreds of middle school students throughout Oregon will learn about sustainable engineering and green technology this summer – without having to stray far from home.  The Center for Outreach in Science & Engineering for Youth (COSEY) Camp, staffed by College of Engineering undergrads, will travel as far as Coos Bay and Ontario to give students and teachers a hands-on introduction to some of the SENERGI research happening at OSU. More…
Students Students

"You here at OSU have a long list of accomplishments. Like the work you're doing at the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy center, the research on wind energy, the interdisciplinary work on nanotechnology and solar power, or the development of revolutionary green building materials and techniques…. By its definition foundational research—the kind of work whose output has not yet been tied to a specific functional use—is the province of government. And it's often just this sort of research that leads to the biggest payoffs, to the most transformational results…. It is the job of all of us as citizens, to support that work. So please, join me in helping people to understand this connection."

State Representative Tobias Read, speaking to MIME, EECS, CCE, and CBEE advisory board members on May 14th

A full transcript of this speech is available on Rep. Read's Web site.

Note: Later that afternoon, Rep. Read served as Grand Marshall of the 11th annual OSU Engineering Expo, a showcase of undergraduate engineering talent.

Order of the Engineer Induction Ceremony: Friday, June 11, 1pm, 112 Kearney Hall

CoE Graduation ceremonies:

MIME — Friday, June 11, 10 am, LaSells Stewart Center

CBEE — Friday June 11, 6:30 pm, Milam Auditorium

CCE — Friday, June 11, 7 pm, LaSells Stewart Center

NERHP — Friday, June 11, 7:30 pm, Radiation Center

EECS — Saturday, June 12, 7:30 pm, LaSells Stewart Center

OSU Commencement:
Saturday June 12, 10:30 am, Reser Stadium. Commencement speaker: Don Pettit (BSChE 1978)