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March 2017

From the Dean

The College of Engineering has made its presence known already in 2017 — up and down the valley, and around the world. You may have seen our name in headlines a couple of times in February.

First, Cassie, a bipedal robot developed at Oregon State, made a noteworthy walk-on appearance at President Ed Ray's State of the University address in Portland (you can read more about Cassie below). We also celebrated the Oregon Stater Awards at the Portland Art Museum on Feb. 23. With more than 230 members of our community in attendance, the college honored the success of 12 incredible alumni by inducting them into our Engineering Hall of Fame, Academy of Distinguished Engineers, and Council of Outstanding Early Career Engineers. Read more about the awards and inductees honored on Oregon Live.

Here in Corvallis, more than 500 people from campus, the community, and beyond visited the 2017 Graduate Research Showcase on Feb. 17, where about 150 graduate students presented their research. You can read more about the Graduate Research Showcase and the professional development it offered our students on the college's website.

Below you'll read about the many other ways our faculty, students, and alumni are creating an impact. It's an exciting time to be a part of the College of Engineering. Go Beavs!

Scott A. Ashford, Ph.D.
('83 Oregon State, Civil Engineering)
Kearney Professor and Dean
College of Engineering
Oregon State University


Agility Robotics, a spin-off evolved from research at Oregon State's College of Engineering, has introduced Cassie, the latest in legged locomotion robotics. Cassie's revolutionary way of walking shows promise in enabling robots to go anywhere humans can go, and transforming home deliveries. "Quite simply, robots with legs can go a lot of places that wheels cannot. This will be the key to deliveries that can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by a fleet of autonomous vans that pull up to your curb, and an onboard robot that delivers to your doorstep," said Jonathan Hurst, associate professor of robotics and chief technology officer at Agility Robotics. Watch Cassie in action here.  (See also Mashable, Tech Spot, Knowridge Science Report, Reuters, and The Engineer)

Faculty & Staff

Portland earthquake resiliency report
Armin Stuedlein, associate professor of geotechnical engineering, and  Dan Cox, professor of civil and construction engineering, contributed to the City Club of Portland's research report "Big Steps Before the Big One: How the Portland area can bounce back after a major earthquake." With overwhelming approval, City Club of Portland members favored adoption of the report's recommendations.  More…

Chris Hagen recognized as top engineering educator
Chris Hagen, assistant professor of energy systems engineering, was recognized as a top young engineering educator in the country with the 2017 SAE International Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award. More…

Fearing artificial intelligence
Tom Dietterich, distinguished professor emeritus of computer science, weighs in on a growing fear that artificial intelligence will take jobs from humans. More…


NuScale Power reaches milestone with NRC applicationn
NuScale Power, a company created based on technology developed at Oregon State University's College of Engineering, has become the first company to submit a design certification application for a small modular reactor to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). More…


Student wins Lattice Hackathon contest
Graduate student Ziad Eldebri won the grand prize of the Lattice Hackathon Contest hosted by Lattice Semiconductor, and took home a $5,000 prize and trip to the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. More…

Business and engineering students join at HWeekend to create gadgets and gizmos
"Gadgets and Gizmos" was the theme for the first HWeekend of 2017 on January 20-22, jointly sponsored by the College of Business and the College of Engineering. At the seventh iteration of the popular event, forty-seven students from business and engineering designed, built, and pitched their ideas for marketable products including a temperature based alarm clock, a computer controlled potato launcher, a 3-D printed longboard fender, and a self-playing guitar. More…

Jacobsen honored as Student-Athlete of the month
Oregon State gymnast and computer science sophomore Mary Jacobsen has been named a February Student-Athlete of the Month. "Enjoying what I do in and out of the gym makes it possible for me to succeed!" said Jacobsen. More…

Grad student partners with library to broaden STEAM outreach
Aaron Fillo, a Ph.D. student studying thermal-fluid sciences, has partnered with the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library to create a series of STEAM videos targeted at kids. View the pilot episode here.

Drone racing group
A drone racing group, as part of Oregon State's Robotics Club, was formed by mechanical engineering senior Karl Payne. Club members fly homemade drones through a course, accelerating to speeds of 60 to 80 miles per hour. More…


Humanitarian Engineering program wins Impact Invention award
Humanitarian engineering researchers from Oregon State University, in partnership with Oregon-based social business InStove, were honored with the Impact Invention Award from the Lemelson Foundation at the Elevating Impact Summit sponsored by Portland State University. More…

In Memoriam

Octave Levenspiel, emeritus professor of chemical engineering
Octave "Tavy" Levenspiel, emeritus professor of chemical engineering at Oregon State University, died peacefully at the age of 90 on March 5, 2017, at the Willamette View Retirement Community in Portland, Oregon, where he had lived for several years.

A pioneer in the field of chemical reaction engineering, Levenspiel became, in 2000, the first Oregon State faculty member to be elected into the National Academy of Engineering, the country's highest distinction for engineers in both academia and industry. More… (See also Gazette-Times)

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