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June 2013

From the Dean

The 14th annual Engineering Expo (see video here) was a major success, with hundreds of staff, students, and community members enjoying the more than 150 senior capstone projects. This special issue of Momentum! features a digest of Expo exhibits, ranging from a water treatment device to a robotic hand. Like all Expo projects, the ten here showcase our commitment to engineering excellence and educating leadership-ready graduates.

We also want to congratulate the two winning teams of the People's Choice Award. The first team, Sole Topography Energy-harvesting Piezoelectric Shoe (STEPS), developed a shoe that could one day help people improve how they walk, run, or jump. The second, Wicked Wizard P.O.V. Display, exhibited a spinning propeller of LED lights that displays images and even full-screen movies.

The Expo is a culmination of hard work and many late nights for our seniors — the final big test before they exit the classroom and enter the real world. To all of our students, whether you are about to graduate or are one of our alums, love what you do and do it well.

I look forward to hearing about your future successes.

Best wishes,

Sandra L. Woods
Dean, College of Engineering
Oregon State University

Engineering Expo 2013
changing tides

Biogas cooktop for home use

Solar collectors

Nanotech storm water treatment

inkjet solar panels

One cure for distracted driving

inkjet solar panels

Gourmet sea salt from the Pacific

Vibrations testing facility

Real-time stereovision

Solar thermal ice for vaccine storage

Retro arcade game player

Inexpensive wireless robotic hand

Radiation exposure in honeybees

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