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June 2012

From the Dean

Dear Readers,

In this issue of Momentum!, I share with you a sampling of exciting and innovative senior projects at the recent Engineering Expo. I am proud to showcase the ingenuity, creativity, and achievements of our students.

To our soon-to-be graduates, congratulations! With another round of final exams upon you, I know it's difficult to envision the future beyond college. Be confident that the College of Engineering has exposed you to a wide array of subjects and helped you master an impressive range of tools and techniques. As you go out into the world, no longer a student but an eager professional, remember these words:

Climb high, climb far
Your goal the sky, your aim the star

Go Beavs!

Scott A. Ashford (CE '83)
Interim Dean
College of Engineering

Engineering Expo 2012
changing tides

Making music from art

Solar collectors

Radioactive soil remediation

inkjet solar panels

Wireless glove controls computers

inkjet solar panels

Push-button home brewing

Banking dried blood cells

Swimming prosthesis improves stroke

Automated mobile chicken coop

Protecting grapes from birds

Reclaiming wastewater nutrients

Improving compostable utensils

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