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December 2012

From the Dean

To our alumni and friends:

The Oregon State campus is much quieter this week, as most of our students have headed home to spend time with family and friends. As this issue of Momentum suggests, we had a very busy fall term. Our faculty are pushing the bounds of their research in important areas, including wave energy and disaster preparedness, and our students are earning prestigious scholarships for their work. It's a great time to be part of Oregon State University, and I hope you'll enjoy reading about our progress.

Enjoy the holiday season, and we look forward to catching up with you after the New Year.

Best wishes,

Sandra L. Woods
Dean, College of Engineering
Oregon State University

changing tides

Electricity from ocean waves
College of Engineering faculty are on the cusp of wave energy research. After successfully testing a device that converts ocean waves to viable power, researchers are now looking for ways to bring this emerging technology to market. Watch a video from the Weather Channel.


New computer approach could revolutionize design, manufacturing
Associate Professor Irem Tumer has received a new round of funding to explore ways to design and manufacture engineering systems. Instead of the design, build, and test model that's been in place since the Industrial Revolution, Tumer envisions a process where most everything short of commercial production will be done on a computer. See stories in R&D and Azom.

Predicting the next disaster
Reading the tea leaves to predict natural disasters can be a complicated matter. But Solomon Yim, the Glenn Willis Holcomb professor in structural engineering, says improved computational models allow researchers to better forecast and respond to strong tsunamis and earthquakes. More…

Wave energy's big splash
Belinda Batten, the director of the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center (NNMREC), discusses Oregon's pioneering effort to develop wave energy, an effort she hopes will reduce the nation's dependence on non-renewable power, build important ties between academia and industry, and provide real-world research experience to students. More…

Saturday Academy mentor is inspiration to students
Margaret Burnett is somewhat of a pioneer in the computer science industry. She entered the field when few higher-ed programs offered computer science degrees and is now a prolific researcher and collaborator at Oregon State's School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Read the Saturday Academy's profile on Burnett.


Focus and dedication: A profile of Cera Olson
An electrical and computer engineering student. A student club leader. An Army ROTC cadet. A peer adviser. An avid runner and athlete. Cera Olson is all of these things and still finds time for (a little) sleep despite her demanding schedule and obligations. Read Cera's whole story.

Presidential Scholars energize Oregon State
The student-run Sustainable Energy Initiative has been working diligently to educate people on the benefits of renewable energy research, and its leaders illustrate the impact of Oregon State's high-achieving students. Three of the six officers have earned Presidential Scholarships, an extremely competitive, merit-based award that honors the most active student leaders. More…


New app gives students access to engineering software
Working from home and need to use specialized software? Studying abroad and not sure how to access Matlab for a class? Students can now take advantage of engineering software programs using their personal devises (computer, tablet, even smart phone), thanks to the Citrix XenApp. More…


Alumnus receives prestigious award from Association of Energy Engineers
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Senior Staff Engineer Graham Parker ('73, chemical engineering) was one of two people inaugurated into the Association of Energy Engineers' Energy Managers Hall of Fame during the World Energy Engineering Congress in Atlanta. The award honors professionals for their lifetime achievements in promoting the practices and principles of energy management.

President Ray's State of the University in Portland
To all Portland-area alumni: Join Oregon State University President Edward J. Ray as he provides a compelling update on the university's significant worldwide accomplishments in the past year. He will also look forward, highlighting how the university's mission of excellence, innovation and impact will serve Oregon, the nation and the world in 2013. More…

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