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December 2011

From the Editor

Dear Readers,

This time of year, many people are thinking about resolutions (whether or not they make them), but I'm also thinking about a related word with multiple meanings: resolve. For example, we might resolve (i.e., make a resolution) to achieve a goal or complete a project, but we may need to resolve (i.e., settle) certain sticky issues to reach our objective. To get where we want to be, dogged determination is often required.

I'm thinking about this because when I came to the College of Engineering a year ago, I resolved to launch a new website this year. From the outside, this may seem like an easy goal to achieve, but in this large, diverse setting, the process frequently seemed like wrestling with a tank full of octopi. Fortunately, perseverance brought us to the point where we fully expect to launch a logically structured, easily navigable site with new feature stories, videos, blog posts, and breaking news at the end of this month.

The stakes are higher—and the potential rewards greater—when it comes to finding economical and environmentally sound solutions to today's most complex engineering challenges. Our forward-thinking faculty and students get up every day with great resolve and work against seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve their research objectives. Their track record continues to be impressive.

As we wrap up 2011 and begin a new year, let's keep our resolve to think big, never let an octopus get the upper hand, and continue seeking solutions to engineering's greatest challenges.


Thuy T. Tran
Director of Marketing Communications
Oregon State University, College of Engineering

changing tides

Efficient solar cells from inkjet technology
Reducing raw material waste by 90 percent in the production of solar energy may soon be a reality thanks to a powerful new inkjet technology invented at Oregon State. More…

Solar collectors

Not so foolish after all
"Fool's gold" (pyrite) may not be the final answer to creating economical, nontoxic solar cells, but it is providing valuable information in the ongoing search. More…

Solar collectors

Tsunamis destroy coral reefs
A study conducted after the massive Sept. 2009 tsunami in American Samoa shows that tsunamis can cause extensive damage to sensitive coral reefs that provide essential habitat for marine life. More…

Faculty & Staff
inkjet solar panels

University snags top-notch faculty
A significant percentage of the 80 faculty hired by Oregon State this year joined the College of Engineering, and many came from prestigious institutions around the nation. More on OSU and College of Engineering new hires…

inkjet solar panels

Kruzic wins award from German foundation
Jamie Kruzic, associate professor in the School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering, received the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany. The award is presented to 25 scientists each year whose research is expected to have far-reaching implications beyond their disciplines. Kruzic's research focuses on the mechanical properties of advanced structural materials and biomaterials. In addition to receiving a monetary award, he will be traveling to Germany to cooperate on a long-term research project.

inkjet solar panels

Former Honors College student now Alumni Fellow
Daniel Euhus ('99 CE), a member of the first Honors College class and currently an associate professor in the School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering, was recently named an Alumni Fellow by the OSU Alumni Association. See stories on Euhus and 2011 OSUAA Alumni Fellows.

inkjet solar panels

Trejo appointed Acting School Head
David Trejo, Hal Pritchett Chair and professor in construction engineering management, was appointed Acting School Head for the School of Civil and Construction Engineering, effective Nov. 17. Trejo is filling in for Scott Ashford, who is serving as interim dean for the College of Engineering.

inkjet solar panels

First Swigert Faculty Fellow named
Karl Haapala, assistant professor in the School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering and a specialist in sustainable design and manufacturing, was named the first Swigert Faculty Fellow. Funded by the Portland-based Swigert Foundation, this one-year appointment will support manufacturing engineering education and Haapala's research program. The Swigert Foundation was established by Hank T. Swigert, former ESCO chairman, and his brother, Ernest C. Swigert.

inkjet solar panels

Hoyle named Arthur E. Hitsman Scholar
Christopher Hoyle, assistant professor of mechanical engineering design and mechanics, was designated an Arthur E. Hitsman Scholar. This three-year appointment, established in 2009 by Ellie Hitsman in honor of her late husband, Art (BSME '49, MSME '50), recognizes notable achievements of junior faculty in mechanical engineering.

inkjet solar panels

Feuerbacher earns OSU-Cascades' first endowed chair
Robin Feuerbacher, assistant professor and head of OSU-Cascades' growing undergraduate electrical engineering management program, was appointed Tykeson Endowed Faculty Scholar in Energy Engineering Management—the first endowed chair on the Bend campus. More…


Moseley named Most Promising Engineering Student
National Engineers Week has named Alexandria Moseley, an Oregon State manufacturing engineering student, one of 15 most promising college engineering students, from the United Sates and across the world. More…

Robotics scholarship opportunities increased
In recognition of the impressive talent arising in FIRST robotics competitions for college-bound high school students around the state, the College of Engineering increased its FIRST scholarship offering from one award to five awards beginning with the 2011-2012 award cycle. More…

Computer science major seeks support for women in the discipline
Computer science major Helen Shin used a $4,000 Undergraduate Opportunity Grant to explore how engineering colleges might attract more women to the discipline and how women could be better supported once they have chosen computer science as a major. More…

Student's iPhone app used to honor Steve Jobs
Marty Ulrich, computer science major, claims fame as the designer of a “candle app” that has been downloaded more than 800,000 times and was used in candlelight vigils honoring the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs after his death. More…


Pettit heads for space once again
Astronaut Don Pettit ('78 ChE) will soon take his third space flight to the International Space Station. The crew plans to launch on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, on Dec. 21. More…

Solar collectors

Hammack signs defining memo with EPA
Katherine Hammack (’81 ME), assistant secretary of the U.S. Army for Installations, Energy and Environment, signed a memo of understanding with the Environmental Protection Agency to collaborate on the Army’s “Net Zero” initiative. Hammack stressed the value of promoting sustainability throughout the organization. More…


Iraq reaffirms its commitment to green building
The partnership between Oregon State University and the government of Iraq to collaborate on rebuilding the country using sustainable building techniques was reaffirmed after a new Iraqi higher education minister and cabinet assumed their duties. See stories in the Corvallis Gazette Times and Daily Journal of Commerce.
Photo by Andy Cripe, Gazette Times

Minority students receive support before entering college
Beginning studies at a large educational institution can be especially daunting for minority students, but the Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation Summer Scholars program provides a valuable bridge to help students transition. More…

Making a Difference

Ronald L. Adams Endowed Fund for Excellence
On Nov. 7, at a College of Engineering banquet, attendees thanked former dean Ron Adams by announcing a $350,000 endowed fund bearing his name. More…

Solar collectors

Yamamuro Endowed Fellowship in Geotechnical Engineering
A substantial gift from the estate of deceased Associate Professor of Geotechnical Engineering Jerry Yamamuro ('76 CE), will generate about $27,000 each year to support geotechnical engineering graduate students. More…

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