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August 2012

From the Dean

To our alumni and friends:

I am thrilled to return to Oregon State University as dean of the College of Engineering. As some of you know, I served on Oregon State's faculty from 1984 through 2001, when I left to become head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Colorado State University. I served as dean of CSU's College of Engineering for the last seven years and began my appointment here on July 30.

Let me begin by thanking Ron Adams and Scott Ashford for their excellent leadership. They developed a strong faculty and many great programs, and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to build on the work they have done.

Over the next several months, we will work toward developing strategies to help the college achieve goals identified in Leadership 2025. These goals include recruiting and retaining an excellent faculty, providing extraordinary opportunities for our students, and expanding our research program. We have created an email address to make it easier for you to provide input during this process (strategicplan@engineering.oregonstate.edu). We welcome your comments, ideas, and suggestions at any time.

Best wishes,

Sandra L. Woods
Dean, College of Engineering
Oregon State University

Sandra Woods' full bio

changing tides

Colleges collaborate on an ocean exploration device
A collaboration among scientists at the College of Engineering and the College of Earth, Oceanic, and Atmospheric Sciences is creating a deep-ocean surveying system called an “ocean lander.” The unit is capable of collecting data from the sea floor that otherwise would not be available to the scientific community. More…

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Research could lead to improved oil recovery, better environmental cleanup
Dorthe Wildenschild is taking a fresh look at a decades-old petroleum recovery technique that could help remove or clean up underground contaminants and improve oil production. See stories in Phys.org, Science Daily, Oilprice.com, Laboratory Equipment, Product Design & Development, Softpedia, Homeland Security News Wire, efie.net, New Energy and Fuel, and Environmental Protection.

Faculty & Staff
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Jovanovic receives Distinguished Professor Award
The OSU Alumni Association honored Goran Jovanovic with its Distinguished Professor Award, citing his exceptional scholarly achievements, teaching ability, reputation, and quality participation in university affairs. He will receive the award during the University Day Celebration in September.

inkjet solar panels

Professor brings DOE grant to OSU-Cascades
Chris Hagen, assistant professor in energy engineering management at OSU-Cascades, and scientists at Colorado State University received a $700,000 grant from the U.S. Dept. of Energy to build a natural gas engine that will both compress gas and power the vehicle, eliminating the need for a fueling station. See stories in The Bulletin, Sustainable Business Oregon, KTVZ, and The Denver Post.


Solar Vehicle Team honored for its "Spirit of the Rayce"
After competing in the eight-day American Solar Challenge, Oregon State University’s Solar Vehicle Team received the “Spirit of the Rayce” award. The award recognizes the team for overcoming hardships; exhibiting good sportsmanship, teamwork, and cooperation; and making a well-engineered car. See stories in Life@OSU, Engineering on the Edge, and Solid State Technology.

Engineering students receive Culture of Writing Awards
Eight College of Engineering students received a 2011-12 Culture of Writing Award from Oregon State's Writing Intensive Curriculum. The WIC program encourages a university culture that promotes writing excellence. More…

Three students win Texas Instruments design prize
Mushfiqur Sarker, Jason Muhlestein, and Anton Bilbaeno took second place in the 2012 Texas Instruments Analog Design Contest Engibous Prize. The students developed a low-cost wearable device that allows users to control a computer using natural hand movements, thus eliminating the need for a mouse.


Summer program for underrepresented youth celebrates 16 years
The Summer Experience in Science and Engineering for Youth (SESEY) recently celebrated 16 years of success in serving high school students from traditionally underrepresented categories in science and engineering. The program exposes students entering their sophomore year—particularly girls and ethnic minorities—to science and engineering as a viable and interesting career path.

Making a Difference

Alumni couple pledges $3.5 million
Mike ('68) and Judy ('65) Gaulke have committed $3.5 million to create the Michael and Judith Gaulke Chair of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State. It will be the largest endowed faculty fund to date for the College of Engineering and the first in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The inaugural holder of the chair will be OSU electrical engineering professor John Wager, an award-winning teacher and researcher. See stories in the Portland Business Journal, Corvallis Gazette Times, Albany Democrat Herald, and Ingenium.

TP Forever Memorial Scholarship established
Tony Platt (EE '07) passed away on May 21, at just 28 years old. To honor Tony's passion for Oregon State, the TP Forever foundation has established the TP Forever Memorial Scholarship Fund at Oregon State University. More on the scholarship and Tony…

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