* Denotes core classes

Fall Term

(*) MATS/ME 570 Structure-Property Relationships in Materials
(*) MATS/ME 581 Thermodynamics
MATS 571 Electronic Properties of Materials (Odd years)
MATS/ME 584 Advanced Fracture of Materials
MATS/ME 587 Dislocations, Deformation, and Creep (Even years)

Winter Term

MATS/ME 582 Kinetics

Spring Term

MATS/ME 555 Experimental Techniques in Materials Science
MATS/ME 585 Fatigue of Materials
PH 575 Solid State Physics
OC 528 Microprobe Analysis
WSE 530 Polymer Composites (Odd years)

Elective List (not exhaustive - new courses continually added)

ME 507 (section 5) Materials Science Seminar
MATS/ME 578 Thin Film Materials Characterization and Properties
MATS/ME 580 Materials Selection
MATS/ME 671 Electronic Properties of Oxides (Odd years)
CCE 522 Green Building Materials
CCE 526 Advanced Concrete Materials
CH 511 Inorganic Chemistry
CH 512 Inorganic Chemistry II
CH 513 Solid State Chemistry
CH 540 Physical Chemistry
CH 541 Physical Chemistry II
CH 545 Physical Chemistry of Materials
CHE 545 Polymer Engineering and Science
CHE 571 Electronic Materials Processing (Odd years)
CHE 616 Diffraction
ECE 511/611 Electronic Materials Processing (Odd years)
ECE 516 Electronic Materials and Devices
ECE 517 Semiconductor Devices II
ECE 518 Semiconductor Processing
ECE 599 Engineering Magnetics
ECE 599 Nanotechnology
ECE 612/CHE 572 Semiconductor Process Integration (Even years)
ECE 613 Electronic Materials Characterization (Even years)
ECE 614 Semiconductors (Even years)
ECE 615 Advanced Semiconductor Devices I (Odd years)
ECE 616 Advanced Semiconductor Devices II (Odd years)
IE 531 Meso-scale Manufacturing (Even years)
IE 532 Microfabrication Technology (Odd years)
IE 534 Ceramic Processing
ST 511 Methods of Data Analysis
ST 512 Methods of Data Analysis II
WSE 535 Polymer Synthesis and Structure