Welcome to the ATLANTIS Program!

Atlantis is a transatlantic five year Bachelor’s degree double major in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering.

The increased demand of the global market for better materials with superior properties requires engineers — especially those involved in mechanical design — to develop greater expertise, skills, and knowledge in materials science. Students involved in the ATLANTIS Program will develop their knowledge and skills while:

  • Getting a truly international education
  • Studying in the US and Germany (minimum of 1 year abroad)
  • Practicing their language skills in an immersive setting
  • Participating in a well-integrated language training and cultural exchange program
  • Enhancing their future educational and employment opportunities

For detailed information regarding application procedures and programs of study please visit the ATLANTIS site for the institution you will be applying from:

More Information:

Dr. Brady J. Gibbons
204 Rogers Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331

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