Graduation Year: 

M.S. Electrical Engineering & Computer
Science ’87
Los Altos, California


Manoj Gujral earned his undergraduate degree in 1983 at Panjab University, one of India’s renowned educational institutions, and Oregon State University became his entry point to the United States. His years in Corvallis provided the foundation for his assimilation into America’s culture, value system, and lifestyle.

“OSU gave me fundamental knowledge around semiconductors and computer architecture,” says Gujral. “Its team-based problem-solving, value of diversity, and strong academic and industry partnerships opened the door for new opportunities in my career.”

Gujral has over 23 years of expertise in developing and bringing to market solutions for consumer electronics, personal computers, servers and mobile devices. He recently served as general manager of the broadband and consumer division and vice president of Cavium, Inc. Prior to that, he was general manager of desktop business at NVIDIA.

“Over the years, my associations with teams that have developed innovations in computing and networking have led to more processing power and connectivity in devices that we hold in the palm of our hands than was available in OSU’s entire electrical engineering department when I was a student,” says Gujral.