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Subject: FW: Voxtel ATAMI Internship Opening in Corvallis

See the attachment?
My understanding is that interested individuals should submit a well-constructed cover letter and resume directly to Paul via the contact information provided.

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Subject: [all-grads] FW: Voxtel ATAMI Internship Opening in Corvallis

Summer internship opportunity at ATAMI.
Info below and attached.

Dorthe Wildenschild
Associate Dean, Graduate Programs | College of Engineering
Professor | School of Chemical , Biological, and Environmental Engineering (CBEE)
124 Covell Hall / 2051 Kelley Engineering Center | Oregon State University | Corvallis , OR 97331-3212
Phone | 541-737-8050
Interested in OSU's new microCT capability: http://microct.oregonstate.edu/
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6504-7817
[id:image001.png at 01D31123.1B88E400]

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Subject: Voxtel ATAMI Internship Opening, Corvallis

Hello Skip,

We have an immediate opportunity for an engineering or science graduate or undergraduate intern (or, perhaps, two interns) to work through the summer at the ATAMI facility in Corvallis, Oregon.  The job description is attached.


Paul Harmon
Vice President of Nanotechnology R&D
Voxtel, Inc
1110 Northeast Circle Boulevard,
Corvallis, OR 97330
o. 541-713-1324
c. 541-760-1133
paulh at voxtel-inc.com<mailto:paulh at voxtel-inc.com>
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