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Thu Mar 7 09:42:21 PST 2019

From: Schwartz, Michelle [Michelle.Schwartz at cambiahealth.com]
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Subject: New Cambia internship


I recently posted an internship available immediately in Portland. I would love your help promoting this opportunity to qualified candidates. The position has been submitted to the school job board and should post shortly. I have listed the position description and application instructions below:

Software Development Engineering Internship
Portland, OR
This internship is scheduled to start in March 2019
We are seeking to identify talent for future roles through this internship

The Software Development Engineering Intern will participate in a team environment to support a facets upgrade. May assist with programming, debugging and testing of applications in a development environment. May assist with database design and system testing. This position provides technical, interpersonal and administrative skills in performing day to day work.

We use the following technologies to develop software: JavaScript, React, HTML5, CSS, NodeJS, Java, Python, AWS services (DynamoDB, EC2 Linux, S3, RedShift, SNS, Spark / EMR), ElasticSearch (ELK stack), Cassandra, JSON, Git, Jenkins etc.

At Cambia, our values are fundamental to achieving our Cause of transforming the health care industry. They guide our actions and bring diverse perspectives together to improve the health care journey better for those we serve. All eight values are equally important and linked to the others: Empathy, Hope, Courage, Trust, Commitment, Innovation, and Accountability. These values are not just words on paper - we live them every day.

Minimum requirements:

  *   Currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program specializing in Computer Science/Systems or a related field. (Candidates who have completed their degree in the last nine months are also encouraged to apply.)
  *   Preference will be given to candidates who have prior work experience and/or have completed an internship
  *   Highly effective oral and written communication; ability to understand complex designs and relationships
  *   Demonstrated academic experience, including development projects, with one or more of the following key technologies: Java, J2EE, .NET(must have), Oracle, SQL Server
  *   Experience in building APIs or integrating with APIs is a plus
  *   Able to work well with business customers and engineering and technical partners
  *   Able to take direction from others, ask appropriate questions, execute the direction and checking in when appropriate
  *   Able to effectively adapt to rapidly changing technologies and methodologies and apply them to technological and/or business needs of limited scope
  *   Able to analyze, diagnose and resolve simple programming problems and system coordination issues
  *   Communicate effectively with peers
  *   Familiarity with Test Driven Development including unit test creation
  *   Able to learn continuous integration practices
  *   Able to work with minimum direction
  *   Able to plan and manage own work
  *   Minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average
  *   Must have U.S. work authorization

Successful candidates will:

  *   Be results-oriented, with a creative approach to problem solving
  *   Have a strong bias for action, and a take charge attitude
  *   Apply the latest technology to develop innovative solutions and assist in quality assurance
  *   Create design proposals and proof of concept samples for review with internal stakeholders
  *   Be able to communicate effectively with both technical and business stakeholders
  *   Provide technical guidance and expertise to design and develop smart-phone and tablet applications
  *   Develop efficient and maintainable program code
  *   Develop efficient and effective program and system solutions in solving simple business problems
  *   Provide consulting support for Engineering and Business partners by researching, identifying and resolving technical programming problems
  *   Meet established deadlines while maintaining a high level of quality
  *   Develop simple programs and systems in support of business processes and objectives
  *   Prepare system test plans, test criteria, and test data
  *   Develops innovative solutions to problems
  *   Understand and participate in deliverables required by approved Development Lifecycles
  *   Participate in program design and prepares work estimates for development or changes for assigned work
  *   Take initiative and seeks out work
  *   Assist with preparing program, system, operational and User documentation
  *   Perform testing and documents the result

Interested candidates should apply online: https://careers-cambiahealth.icims.com/jobs/25485/software-development-engineering-internship/job.


Michelle Schwartz (she/her)
Manager, Diversity and University Programs
African American Employee Resource Group<http://spark.regence.com/SharedServices/humanresources/ERG/AA-ERG/Pages/default.aspx>
CARE PC (Cambia And Regence Employees Palliative Care) Employee Resource Group<http://spark.regence.com/SharedServices/humanresources/ERG/CARE%20PC/SitePages/Home.aspx>
HOLA (Home of Latinos and Allies) Employee Resource Group<http://spark.regence.com/SharedServices/humanresources/ERG/Latino-ERG/Pages/default.aspx>
Military Community Employee Resource Group<http://spark.regence.com/SharedServices/humanresources/ERG/MERG/Pages/default.aspx>
PRIDE (Professionals Respecting Individuality Diversity Equality) Employee Resource Group<http://spark.regence.com/SharedServices/humanresources/ERG/PRIDE/Pages/default.aspx>
WELL (Women’s Employee Leadership Lab)<http://spark.regence.com/SharedServices/humanresources/ERG/WERG/Pages/default.aspx>
ph. 503-273-4132
Ensure a sustainable future - only print when necessary.

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