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HPS is a program for students interested in the technical side of Hardware development. In this 12-week program, students partner with a hardware engineer to build their own technical project and learn about the technical opportunities available in consumer electronics.

Learn what it takes to be a Google Hardware Engineer

Google's Hardware Product Sprint (HPS) will introduce you to the product development process for consumer electronics by challenging you to design and build your own product. Depending on your experience, background, and interests, you can select one of two tracks that HPS is offering:

  *   Mechanical Engineering: The course will introduce mechanical design concepts to create a high volume manufacturable product. This includes initial concept development, prototyping and device assembly.
  *   Electrical Engineering: The course will cover microcontrollers, PCB design, assembly, and testing. The end result will be a working prototype of a consumer product.

Both tracks include:

  *   Courses that identify some of the fundamentals of engineering that appear often in the consumer electronics space.
  *   Materials, resources, and tools to design, ideate, and build your own product.
  *   A Google Hardware Engineer mentor who will serve as your product advisor over the course of the 12 weeks.
  *   Opportunities to interact with Google hardware engineers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.
  *   A group of 1-3 peers who you’ll collaborate with and bounce ideas off of in order to build out your individual products.
  *   An all-expenses paid culminating summit at the Googleplex to assemble, build, and present the final version of your product.
  *   Exposure and insight into Google’s internship programs and technical career opportunities.
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