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Idaho National Lab is looking for undergraduate and graduate interns. For more information, visit their website at:
Just a couple of hours outside Yellowstone - Idaho National Labs is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

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Subject: 2019 INL Internship Opportunities

Good Morning Professor,

I am writing you in hopes you will inform your students of the 2019 internship opportunities at Idaho National Lab. In 2018, INL hosted 369 interns from 86 universities studying over 100 different majors. Our goal is to host more students in 2019. So far we have only filled 110 positions. We use our 15 general  postings to find and select students to fill our individual positions. All general internship positions (attached flyer) are currently live on our careers website, https://inlcareers.inl.gov/. Your students are encouraged to apply to as many postings as they have interest in.

Internship opportunities are available for undergrad and graduate students. The majority of INL internships are in STEM fields such as nuclear engineering, mechanical engineering, renewable energy, chemistry, physics, computer science and cyber security. However, INL also offers internships in fields such as accounting, business, finance, marketing, communications, education, English, public health, fire protection, welding, logistics and many others.

INL interns are paid a nationally competitive wage based on number of credits completed and degree program. Many of our internships also offer travel reimbursements and a generous housing stipend. The timing and length of internships are based on the need of the mentor and the availability of  the student.

I hope you will share this information with your students.

Please email internships at inl.gov<mailto:internships at inl.gov> with any questions.

You have been contacted based on your past interactions with INL or you represent programs we believe align with opportunities at INL.

Thank you

Brian Rucks, MBA - Intern Specialist
University Partnerships - Idaho National Laboratory
PO Box 1625 Idaho Falls, ID 83415-3805<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__maps.google.com_-3Fq-3D1625-2BFremont-2BAve.-2B-25E2-2580-2593-2BIdaho-2BFalls-2C-2BID-2B83415-2D3805-2BOffice-26entry-3Dgmail-26source-3Dg&d=DwMFaQ&c=54IZrppPQZKX9mLzcGdPfFD1hxrcB__aEkJFOKJFd00&r=8o0GaXs0ykj6BsG6bFlrz-TOBDrgVJJwrSvuLaJa1RI&m=0xEKhW32OqsPcDnJNkkaSi1M9qlXNSLdFcZEOh5T8Yw&s=UWtV2FOCZNFnGWI2puZCxh1aDnc7arlOCb-18h7YtCk&e=>
Office<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__maps.google.com_-3Fq-3D1625-2BFremont-2BAve.-2B-25E2-2580-2593-2BIdaho-2BFalls-2C-2BID-2B83415-2D3805-2BOffice-26entry-3Dgmail-26source-3Dg&d=DwMFaQ&c=54IZrppPQZKX9mLzcGdPfFD1hxrcB__aEkJFOKJFd00&r=8o0GaXs0ykj6BsG6bFlrz-TOBDrgVJJwrSvuLaJa1RI&m=0xEKhW32OqsPcDnJNkkaSi1M9qlXNSLdFcZEOh5T8Yw&s=UWtV2FOCZNFnGWI2puZCxh1aDnc7arlOCb-18h7YtCk&e=>: (208) 526-2741 / Cell: (208) 520-5102
Email: Brian.Rucks at inl.gov<mailto:brian.rucks at inl.gov>

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